Friday, October 3, 2008

Allure, An Evening For Women

Allure, An Evening for Women. A couple of girls from work and I went to this event last night. We went for our co-worker, and friend, Cara Sweeney. At least years Allure evening, she was choosen as the Allure Spokeswoman for 2008. That entitled a year of excitement for Cara. She underwent some major changes, all for the better. She worked out with a personal trainer 5 days a week, transitioned from glasses to contacts, got botox and collagen injections, had skin care treatments including chemical and blue peels, and much more. At last night's event, she was "unveiled" and looked amazing!

Along with Cara's unveling, it was a night of pampering, shopping, and indulgences. There was lots of vendor booths set up, hors d' ueuvers, champaigne, chocolate fountain and much more. There were stylists set up to do hair and makeup, photograhpers were taking your picture, there were manicure stations, massages and even fake eyelashes you could have put on. A few girls in the office did this and they looked great!

Throughout the evening, there were prizes given away and my name was drawn after I left. Luckily they let some of the girls from the office claim my prize for me. Of all things to win, I won a bottle of wine. I don't drink, so I was bummed about the prize. Until I saw how it arrived.

Isn't that shoe cute??

It's a wine bottle holder, although I believe I will be using it as a door stop in my bedroom upstairs. Everytime the windows are open and the wind blows, it blows the door shut.

I got a few pictures of Cara, but haven't uploaded them to my computer yet. I'm waiting so I can find a before picture and then post an after picture so you can see the amazing results she as accomplished.

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~*~Tracey~*~ said...

Love it!! Both the wine and shoe, LOL. Sounds like a fun night.