Wednesday, October 22, 2014

PCB 2014: Tuesday 9.23.14

Tuesday had us up way before we should of been!  HAHA!  Shawn was going on a 10-hour deep sea fishing trip and had to be at Captain Anderson's Marina by 6:30 a.m.  We got to the marina, bought his tickets, and then I hung out at the marina until his boat left.  He said there was only 22 people on the boat that normally could hold 60 so there was lots of room.  They didn't allow coolers or insulated bags on the boat anymore (because a guy attempted to smuggle an illegal fish off the boat), so it was a chore trying to get Shawn's drinks and lunch/snacks packed.  We ended up filling some gladware containers with water and then freezing them to use as ice packs and then we put everything into a beach bag.  Worked good Shawn said!

After dropping Shawn off, I headed to the Egg and I for breakfast to kill some time before the park opened.  I ate there last time he went fishing and it was good.  This mornings breakfast had a ton of food with it, so much so that I couldn't eat it all.

After breakfast, I drove over to St. Andrew's State Park.  I wanted to drive around and take pictures.  There is some some little nature trails I was going to take, along with going out on the pier and checking out the ocean.  The entrance fee was $4 for a single person, so I paid the gate fee and in I went.  I saw lots of wildlife and sea life while I was in there:  deer, baby deer, squirrels, lots of birds, jellyfish, stingrays, a sea turtle and more!  I stopped at Gator Lake, but didn't see any gators.  I walked on the little bird trail.  Walked on the fishing pier and under it taking lots of different pics.  I probably spent about 3 hours in there driving around and doing different things.  It's such a great park!

After I left the park, I headed to Zoo World.  Another great little stop in PCB!  It's a small zoo, which means all of the animals are up close, making for great photo ops!  They had lots of great animals; some were easier to photograph than others.  It's hard to zoom the lens through multiple fences, cages, and windows.

It was way past lunch time when I left the Zoo, so I drove over to Pineapple Willy's for lunch.  I actually drove to another restaurant for lunch, but decided I didn't want to eat there and headed to PW's instead.  I got a table out on the pier.  The weather was nice and there was a nice view of the ocean.  My waitress was super friendly as well.  I ordered the chicken strip/fries basket and a small Pineapple Willy to drink.

After lunch, I looked for the post office so I could buy some stamps to mail the postcards to Gavin and Zoe.  I had brought stamps from home, but couldn't find them once I needed them.

There was another park in town called Conservation Park that I wanted to try and find, however the address from their website wouldn't pull up on the GPS.  I called the number from their website only it went to the Chamber of Commerce phone number.  That lady gave me a different phone number to call.  That number ended up going to the library (not really sure about that), but the lady there tried to give me directions.  I also ended up looking it up on Google maps and trying to maneuver my way through the town.  I finally got all the way out there, only to decided I wasn't going on those trails by myself.  Plus it was almost time to start my trek back to pick up Shawn.

On my way back to the marina, Shawn actually called me and said they were on their way back.  I asked him about how far they were and he said "well I can see the hotels and condos".  So I hustled to get back so that I could be at the marina to take pics of their fishing boat coming in.  I parked at their boats slip, but then hustled all the way down the dock to the end of the dock so I could get some better pictures.  I waited a bit and then saw their boat, well I thought it was their boat, coming in.  I started snapping pics, and waving.  I didn't see Shawn, so I tried calling him to tell him to move to the other side of the boat.  He didn't answer the phone.  So I rushed back down the dock to the slip their boat left from only when I got down there, that boat didn't go in the same slip.  I thought, well maybe they unload in a different area.  So I move down a little bit only to realize, I don't think that's the same boat that Shawn left on.  HAHA!!  It wasn't.  It was one of Captain Anderson's boats, since it had that name on it, only it was a sight seeing dolphin excursion boat.  HAHA!!  I had to end up waiting almost another 30 minutes for Shawn's boat to get there.  I told him next time he tells me that "he can see the hotels, he needs to let me know how well he can see them!"

Shawn had a great time fishing and said it was the best fishing trip he's ever been on!  Everyone caught alot of fish, and everyone was great on the boat!  We waited for them to clean his fish, then we headed back to the condo so he could shower and change before going to dinner.

For dinner that night, we went to J. Michael's.  They will actually cook your fresh catch so we took some of Shawn's fish in for him for dinner, and then I had the chicken and pasta dish.  The place was packed when we got there, but we didn't have to wait long for a table.  Our service was good, and the food was better!   We also signed a dollar bill and had them hang it up in the restaurant.  I can't wait to go back and see it hanging up next time!

After J. Michael's, we headed back towards the condo, but not before stopping at Chillin' Gelato for some yummy dessert.  I had the strawberry and chocolate which was delish!  

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