Thursday, October 23, 2014

PCB 2014: Friday 9.26.14

Today was our last full day in Florida so I was going to make the most of the beach.  I went out bright and early.  On my way out, I hit my funny bone on the door.  Oh.My.Goodness. did it hurt.  I had to end up coming inside and held my elbow while laying face down across the bed crying.  Then all of a sudden my stomach started hurting and I got nauseated and hot.  I'm thinking I must of hit a nerve or something.  It hurt bad, and hurt for quite a few days.  I never realized how much I used my elbow until that week!

There was an exceptional amount of sting rays in the water on this day.  And they were there all day.  I saw them whenever I was out on the balcony and walking on the beach this morning.  I also saw quite a few jelly fish in the water and on the sand.  Between those and the sting rays, I didn't get in the ocean at all.  Bummer because it was my last day, but I didn't want to get attacked!

Since Shawn isn't much of a beach person, he went to play golf, and I went out to the beach and relaxed for quite a while.  I headed up to swim in the pool, only it was being overtaken by those lovebugs.

Since the pool was unusable, I went ahead and got a shower and got ready.  By then, Shawn was back from golf, so we went to lunch at Sonny's BBQ.  It was much better this time around!

After lunch, we decided to go on the Sea Screamer again.  The weather was so amazing for it on this night versus Thursday night.  There was an amazing sunset, and we saw lots of dolphins again!  I'm telling you, if you have never been on a trip on the Sea Screamer, you are missing out!

Meet Lynn and Rick - a couple we met at the Sea Screamer on Thursday night and then we saw them again there on Friday night!  

We also saw a couple weddings on the beach on this night!

It's hard to take a panoramic picture on a rocking boat!  LOL!!

New ink!

We ended the evening at Captain Anderson's for dinner and then back to the condo to start the packing process so that we could head back home bright and early Saturday morning.  I think I took pictures of every meal we ate, except at Captain Anderson's and completely forgot until it was dessert time to take food pictures.

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