Wednesday, October 1, 2014

PCB 2014: Saturday 9.20.14

It's finally arrived!  The day we leave for Florida and a much needed, week long vacation!  I wanted to leave early again like we did last time, so I was up at 3:00 a.m. getting ready and finishing packing.  We had the rental car aka GMC Acadia aka "fat pimpin' ride" loaded and we were on the road by 4:45 a.m.  Not as early as I wanted, but it was still earlier than our normal take off time.

We stopped in Henderson to get gas.  Shawn got out to pump the gas and I started to get out to get a soda.  I turned the car off only I couldn't get the key out of the ignition.  I thought oh no, please don't let us have problems with this car already!  Come to find out, my phone was in the way and the car didn't go into park all the way.  Once I moved the phone, the key came out of the ignition and I was happy.  We filled up with gas, grabbed some sodas and snacks, and were on the road to sunny Florida!

We stopped for lunch at a Cracker Barrel somewhere along the way.

At our next stop for gas, we had a little excitement.  Shawn got out to pump the gas and I was in the car.  I heard Shawn talking to someone and just figured it was the guy at the next pump.  I got out and noticed there was a car pulled in at a sideways angle behind us and they were talking to Shawn.  They were trying to give him a sob story about them "trying to get to Texas and he left his wallet at home and they needed some money and they would give us their name and address and send us the money back once they got to Texas, yada, yada, yada".  I told Shawn we didn't have any money to give them and to tell them no.  They were persistent with him, so I got a little louder telling him and them that no, we need our money and we're not giving them any.  They left and drove by us giving me the stink eye, which I gave right back to them.  While I was asking Shawn what all they were saying, I noticed them pull in a parking spot talking to someone else.  Shawn finished pumping gas and I was cleaning the car windows.  They backed out of the parking spot and when they did, the guy looked at me and gave me the finger.  ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?  You just asked me for money and now you are giving me the finger?!?!  I yelled really loud as they were driving off telling them about it.  Everyone was looking at me and Shawn was trying to figure out what I was yelling at.  When I told him, he was livid!  Of course I didn't see where the car headed, but wish I would of and wish I would of got a picture of the car, or the license plate, or the driver or something!  When we went into the gas station I told Shawn that I saw them talking to another man who was in the DQ eating, so Shawn went and talked to that man and told them what happened to us.  That man had ended up giving them $10.00 and his wife was livid at him.  HAHA!   I'm telling you what, if we would of had the gun with us, I'm thinking I would of popped a cap in his car!  Dude, seriously, get a J-O-B, and don't be mooching off people at gas stations.  If you seriously left your wallet at home, go back and get it, and make sure you have enough money to get to your destination in the first place.

After that situation, we got on the road and headed to Florida.  We arrived at the condo around 5:00 p.m.  We unloaded the car, checked out the condo, went down to the beach until sunset, and then went to Sonny's BBQ for supper and to Walmart to get some snacks and food for the condo.  Then it was back to the condo to rest up for tomorrow's day of laying on the beach!

The condo was just as amazing and comfy as I remember it from the last time, as it has everything you could possibly think of needing in it!  This is the condo we stayed at the last time we were in Panama City Beach, and we will probably stay here for future visits as well!  If you ever go to PCB, I highly recommend renting this condo from Mark and Debbie!

I told you it was a fat pimpin ride!

One of the fanciest Walmart's I've ever seen!

I'll blog about each day's adventures over the next couple days.  I took close to 2,000 pictures, so I have lots of weed through and plenty of activities to blog about!

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