Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Trucks & Heros

Saturday Gavin and I got up early, but not as early as planned (haha!) and went to the 2nd annual SMILE on Down Snydrome's Truck and Hero's Event.  We went last year and had alot of fun and I wanted to take him again this year, plus Uncle Shawn was working the WOW booth at it again!

  I was surprised with Gavin this year though.  The loud noises and sirens of all the trucks didn't bother him and he didn't need to wear his "earplanes", and he actually got in alot of the trucks for pictures, unlike last year and didn't really even want to get near the trucks.

You can read about last year's event here.

I tried to get Gavin to put the helmet on for a picture, but it was squishing his little ears so this is as far as it would go on.  Love that crazy looking face too!

Aunt Stace's favorite truck ;)  The Kona Ice truck!  And I didn't even get one :(

They have a golf cart shuttle you can ride around in!  It's probably one of my favorites too!  Reminds me of driving around the golf cart in New Harmony!  We need to do that again!