Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Women of Duck Commander

Friday night my friend Pam from work and myself went to see the Women of Duck Commander at the Victory Theatre.  Evansville was one of their stops on their new book tour.  About a month and a half ago, I saw a friend on FB post that she was going to see them for their book tour.  I wanted to go and Pam said she would go with me.  The ticket price included an autographed book as well!  We had a great time!

Before the show started it was announced that the ladies would appear on stage for 30 seconds for photo ops and then they asked that no more pictures be taken.  To say that I was truly disappointed would be an understatement!  I wanted to take lots of pictures! And I got busted with my zoom lens on before the show started, and I was sitting in an isle seat, so I didn't want to take a chance even with the flash off.

I did manage to snap another one right before they got up to leave.

After the event was over, as my friend and I were walking to her car, we saw their bus go by and zoomed out behind it to follow it.  Only it was going so slow down the expressway that we were actually in front of it the whole time.  We decided to turn off and go home, but not before noticing that it never took an exit ramp to get on the interstate.  Shawn was picking me up at my friends house so when we got there, I told Shawn that we were driving around the hotels by the expressway and going to look for that bus; I wanted a picture in front of that bus!!

The first hotel we came up......lookie what we found!

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