Sunday, July 27, 2014

Saturday Fun Day

Saturday morning I got a hankering for Sandy's pizza buffet.  I invited Heather and Zoe to go with me cause they love Sandy's just as much as I do!  We got there early and the place was dead :(  There was one couple already there and then another couple came in while we were there.  This was not good for us cause the buffet didn't get replenished often.  While the food was good, I've come to the conclusion that ordering off the menu is much better!

Later Saturday evening we headed back over to the Robinson's for dinner and to hang out.  I figured since we weren't going to be gone that long that I would take Hershey and Reese with us.  We obviously don't take the dogs for car rides often enough because they can't sit still in the car!  LOL!! Reese was cracking me up sitting in the back window!

We had yummy corn on the cob, grilled hot dogs, and smoked chicken for dinner!  The Robinson-Bell's were hard at work before we got there putting up corn for the year.  

Part of the group for the "annual" watermelon picture!  HAHA!

Goodnight Robinson-Bell's :)  Hee!!  Thanks for always having the Glenn-Bell's over for dinner and to visit!  We love hanging out with everyone!

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