Sunday, July 27, 2014

Hangin' with Heather @ Friday After 5

 Friday afternoon I took a half day vacation to go to my friend Heather's to swim.  It was another pool day bust :(  The pool water and the weather wasn't cooperating with us at all.  It really hasn't been all summer!  We did have a great time visiting and talking though.  We ended up heading to Owensboro for their Friday After 5 again.  

I offered to drive since Bowen had Heather's car for work, but she said she would drive and watching her try to parallel park the big barge truck totally had me cracking up!  After attempting, well attempting and not attempting, a couple parking spots, we ended up paying to park in the parking garage next to the Riverpark Center.  I wish I would of gotten a picture of said attempted parking jobs!  LOL!!

We had to partake in the free photobooth fun!

Last week when Bethie and I were down at the playground area with Gavin we saw this guy walk by.  He was definitely an interesting character.  I spotted him again Friday when Heather and I were down there.  I was right, he was an interesting character and made the evening very entertaining!  The "Shawn-look-a-like" definitely added to the entertainment too!  HAHA!!  While I didn't get a picture of him, I have video!  I'll try to add the video to the end of this blog post.

They also had a hula hoop contest and water balloon toss!

And a toast to the sunset on the river! A truly amazing sunset and beautiful evening!

 It is so much fun hanging out down at the Owensboro riverfront!  That new park and downtown development is amazing!  Can't wait for next Friday night!  Heather and I are dragging Bowen and Shawn down their for 70's big hair bands music!

I didn't take these last two pics, but found them on the Friday After 5 Facebook page.  We made it into a water balloon toss photo!  HAHA!  And I would so love to have a boat and be sitting out with all of the other boats during this event!

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