Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Super Busy Weekend

The weekend officially started Friday at 5.  I kicked off the weekend with a massage and it was so relaxing!  Then that was followed up with a trip to Walmart in the rain :(  While waiting for Shawn to get off work, I was tooling around Walmart  trying to find Zoe a present.  I sent her the picture below to ask her if she wanted the hat ...
When Shawn got off work, we had dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant Jalisco's.  Mr. Werewolf is always thrilled when I pull my phone out to take his picture!  LOL!
Saturday morning started off bright and early with a trip to Louisville, Kentucky.  We had to go to the Apple Store to get Shawn's phone replaced.  We did a little shopping at the mall while we were there; I scored some great deals on some clothes for Gavin. 
After shopping, we headed to the other mall to have lunch at the Cheesecake Factory.  Anytime we are in the area, that's where I want to eat at.  We timed it perfectly cause we only had a 10 minute wait for a table.  While waiting, we checked out the Cheesecake case.  Of course though, I already knew which piece I was choosing.
We both had yummy pasta dishes and then yummy cheesecake.  We both got our own piece and then got a piece to bring home and share.  Shawn ate all of his there, and I actually brought the other two pieces home, along with almost all of my meal.  I was stuffed from all the yummy bread I consumed before they brought our meal.

Saturday night after we got home from Louisville, Shawn had invited people over for a free UFC fight that was on TV.  We had put a Boston butt in the crock pot before we left, so I prepped that for supper and served BBQ sandwiches, baked beans, macaroni salad.  Steve brought the yummy potato logs from the grocery store, and Bowen brought little piggies in a blanket.  While the guys were watching the fight, Heather and I went to the movies.  We decided that that's going to be our new thing - when the guys have fight night, we are going to have girls movie night!  We went and saw the new movie out called Labor Day.  It was a really good movie!
Sunday we had church and then went to lunch at Charlie's Mongolian BBQ.  That place is so yummy!  And I seriously need to learn how to build and stack my plate the way everyone else does.  There is some serious plate builders in there!  LOL!
After that, Shawn dropped me off at Snickerdoodle Kid's Art to paint a shamrock for the front door.  I met Kristi and her friend there, and then Kristi drove me out to Heather's where Shawn was at watching the Super Bowl.

It actually started snowing when we were driving through Newburgh on our way to Heather's and by the time Shawn and I left their house, there was a wintery mess outside.  We made it home safe, but slipped and slide around a couple times.


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