Sunday, February 23, 2014

Happy Birthday Gavin

Tuesday night I went to Rockport to help Gavin celebrate his birthday at his house on his actual birthday.  I picked up Nan and Sass and brought them with me.  Bethie made Gavin's favorite for his birthday supper .... Pasghetti and garlic bread.  It was yummy!  Bethie makes the bomb pasghetti...I think it's the secret ingredient she uses in the sauce!  Shhh...I'm not telling, but I know what it is :)

After supper we sang Happy Birthday to Gavin and watched him blow out all those candles!  Then we had cake/cupcakes and he opened presents.


Our original plan was that instead of buying him anything, we would take him out for the day of letting him do whatever he wanted on his Day of Birthday Fun.  But you know Aunt Stace can't not buy her little man stuff!  I didn't bring his big presents last night; I'm saving them for his actual birthday party on Sunday.  I got him two Angry Birds coloring/activity books, Spiderman cupcakes and some balloons, and a card with $5 in so he can buy him a toy.


Nan brought him a bag full of school supplies, a supply box, candy, and some writing pads/school activity books to get him ready for kindergarten this fall. 
And then he opened up the present he's been dying to get!  His mom and dad got him the Power Rangers Might Morph thingie.  I'm not really sure what the toy does, but he's been wanting it forever.  He tried to talk me into a couple times at Walmart, but I wasn't budging for it.  LOL!!

Happy Birthday Sweet 5 Year Old!  We'll celebrate with you again on Sunday!!

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