Sunday, February 23, 2014

Harlem Wizards vs. South Spencer Rebels

Thursday night when I got off work, I drove to Rockport to pick up Beth and Gavin and we headed to South Spencer High School and watched the Harlem Wizards take on the South Spencer Rebels teachers and faculty!  It was a fundraiser event for the marching band. 
I had read about the fundraiser on FB and thought I would like to take Gavin. Then my friend Kristi told me that she was playing the ballgame and I knew I was definitely going!  We wanted to cheer her on....and embarrass her too!   And with the help of my friend Brandi, we were able to convince Heather and Zoe to come along, so we had a big ol' cheering section for Kristi!
The Harlem Wizards are a lot like the Harlem Globetrotters, but they have more interaction with the kids and the shows are more geared towards the kids.  They also focus more on fundraising and perform at school gyms and smaller venues.
What a FUN time of FAMILY, FRIENDLY entertainment! 
I hadn't been in the high school gym probably since my graduation back in 1994!!

Go Kristi!  Whoo!! 

We all sat on the first couple of rows near where the players came out and the girls were all giggly over the Wizards!


There was a couple times they picked kids out of the audience to assist them.  Beth asked Gavin if he wanted to go out and he said he did so here he is raising his little hands and waving them in the air for them to pick him.  I really was hoping they would pick him cause he NEVER wants to participate in these activities.  But I also knew if they did pick him, he probably wouldn't want to go out and help!

What a couple of cuties with their new basketballs!!  Kassidy is my friend Brandi's daughter and her and Gavin are just a couple month's apart in the their age.  They recently became "best friends" at Brandi's dad's birthday party a last weekend.  LOL!  They both go to the same school, but one is in the morning class and the other is in the afternoon class. 

Gavin didn't want his picture taken with any of them while we were getting autographs, so me and Tootie did!

If the Wizards are ever back at South Spencer or at a school near us, we'll definitely go again!


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