Sunday, February 23, 2014

Poppin' Caps!

I can't even believe I partook in this activity today!  I have a huge fear of guns because they are so dangerous and they scare me! 
Heather was taking me home this afternoon after our day of Zoe's birthday fun and when we were almost to my house I texted Shawn to see what he was doing.  He said Bowen and Brent had just picked him up and they were going out to Izaak Walton's shooting range.  Heather mentioned that we should follow them out there cause she was wanting to know where it was, and I wanted to go to make sure my husband didn't buy us a membership there, so I said let's go.
Since our friend's have become members out there, Shawn wants to join too...but just for fishing in their lakes.  Haha!!  I just thought we were going to drive around out there to see the property and what all the it has to offer.  The next thing I knew, we were pulled over at one of the pistol shooting areas and poppin' caps!  LOL!  I shot 3 or 4 different guns, but I have no idea what they were.  I just remember one of them having a casing flying out  as I thought it and thinking, did that just ping me on my sunglasses?  and the other one kind of startling me because of it's power, but I think that's the one I hit close to the center target with.
I will admit that it was pretty fun, but we won't be buying guns anytime soon!
And yes, it took all three of them to unlock the gate and sign us in!!  Or was it Brent unlocked the gate, Bowen signed us in, and Shawn supervised?!?!  HAHA!!

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