Thursday, October 17, 2013

Holiday World....let's try this again!

If you follow my blog at all, chances are that you have read my last blog post about Holiday World here.  I just re-read it and can't do anything but shake my head at it!

Last Saturday we decided to give Holiday World another try!  Me, Beth, and Gavin were going along with Heather, Bowen, and Zoe.  I drove to Heather's and then we are rode in the truck to get Beth and Gavin.   We tried to get Tootie to ride in the very back of the truck for old times sake, but she wasn't doing it! LOL!  We got to Holiday World shortly after they opened.  The weather was perfect!  The sky was blue, it was sunny, and breezy, and no chance of rain in sight!  Thank you Lord!

We had a great time riding rides and visiting with friends!  The park was all decorated for Halloween and alot of the rides had their names changed to match the theme.  For example, the Sparkler swings were called the Spookler swings :)

Gavin wasn't lucky enough to get a rocket ship with a gun.  They had these rocket ships when Beth and I were his age.  In all the years this park has been open, you would think they would have made enough money to replace the guns, or at least install guns on the rockets that are missing them :(

Gavin is mapping out the next ride....the turkey shooting ride he says!

Look hands!

Gavin loved watching the Liberty Launch and laughing at all the girls screaming on it!

Normally I'm not a fan of the bumper cars and never ride them.  Probably because the line it too long.  However Gavin wanted to ride them and Zoe wasn't old enough to take him by herself.  So I took Gavin, and then Heather and Zoe rode in a car.  I've got to tell you that these bumper cars were probably my fave ride at Holiday World.  We rode them a couple times and Gavin and were just cracking up laughing on them!

I seriously thought I was going to pee my pants!  LOL!!

Miss Kitty's tea cups are a new ride this year. time on the ride is fun, two times on the ride is sickly!  I felt ill the rest of the day! 

I can't even begin to believe that my little man was tall enough to ride this ride by himself.  He loved it!  When you ask him what his fave ride was, he said "the birds I rode by myself!"

Driving Miss Daisy!

See you next summer Holiday World!

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