Sunday, October 13, 2013

Fun @ the West Side Nut Club Fall Fest!

The West Side Nut Club Fall Festival.  It's the second biggest street festival next to Mardi Gras.  There is over 130 food booths set up along 4 blocks of Franklin Street.  Franklin Street is packed with people, food, rides and games.  It's also a nightmare at times!

Friday Shawn and his work crew at WOW volunteer at the Wish Upon A Star food booth slinging BBQ pork chop sandwiches.  He loves it!  When I get off work on those Friday's, I try to bum a ride with Tiffany, and Ede this year, for a drop off at his booth since they live on the west side and go that way, that way I don't have to find a spot to park and then have walk to my car in the dark, cause usually its blocks away from everything.  Thanks girls!  

We ate way too much food last night!  We shared most everything though, so I guess that's good!?!?  We had a giant tenderloin sandwich, a stromboli, a deep friend jalapeno turkey sausage wrapped in bacon, corn on the cob, pig snorts, deep friend Reese peanut butter cups, lemonade/orange shake up, apple cider, cherry cider, a deep fried twinkie, a catfish sandwich, and I think that's all.  Isn't that enough you would say! LOL!  It's only one time a year, and I didn't go last year so I thought I had to make up for it!

The pig snorts were yummy!  

Tiffany's niece Zoe was performing with a dance team so we stopped to watch!  She did a great job...and she was one Bad Little Girl!

We played a few games, but no rides for us, the lines are entirely too long!

Saturday night we were back down there again!  The big parade was last night and that usually ends the weeks festivities!  The parade is big, and long, and they don't throw any candy :(  Shawn always likes going to this parade; me I'm a hit and miss with it.  Luckily this year, we found a seat on one of the picnic tables along Franklin Street so I wouldn't have to stand the whole time.  I've got a pinched nerve, or muscle situation going on with my right hip/bootie area and it has been giving me fits when standing or walking for periods of time :(  

Anyways, I'm glad the fall fest is only one time of the year. There is way too much yummy food down there!  Last night we had a bbq pork baked potato, pronto pup, apple cider, orange shakeup, tenderloin sandwich, chicken fried rice and an eggroll, chicken pot pie, and some more pig snorts.  Oh and Shawn had a funnel cake with peanut butter and hot fudge.  He said that was his favorite thing down there!

One thing we both noticed that both Friday night and Saturday night, even though there was alot of people down there, there nights weren't real crowded.  It was nice!  And the weather this week was amazing for the fall fest!  It didn't rain one time and the temps were in the 70's all week!  What a blessed week for all of those organizations involved!  I hope everyone raised lots of money for their individual organizations!

See you next year West Side Nut Club Fall Festival!  Only 51 weeks to go!

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