Sunday, October 27, 2013

Gatlinburg Vacay 2013: Sunday

Yeah, it's time for our Gatlinburg vacation! 

Sunday was driving day!  We had planned on getting up early and getting on the road early, but that didn't happen.  We didn't end up leaving until around 11, which was fine since we didn't have to be there at a certain time. 

There was a restaurant in Knoxville that we wanted to eat at, but it didn't open till 3 so we were planning a side trip to Chattanooga, Tennessee to go to Lookout Mountain, Ruby Falls, Rock City, and to ride the Incline Railway to kill some time until the restaurant opened.  However us leaving later in the day put a damper on those plans.  I didn't want to get into Chattanooga and then it start getting dark on us and we couldn't do all the things we had planned, so we didn't make that side trip. 

The drive to Gatlinburg seemed to take forever to get there.  We got stuck in traffic in Nashville due to the Tennessee Titans football game, then we were in some road construction traffic, and then encountered a couple different wrecks that caused traffic delays.  And then when you factor in the 25 stops we have to make to get gas, get sodas, go to the bathroom, etc.  We also stopped in Knoxville to get dinner at Brazerio's. 

I'm not sure what time we actually checked into the motel, I think it was around 9 or so, but was I ever glad to be from behind the steering wheel and relaxing in bed!

Shawn's new GPS was pretty awesome in the fact that it would inform us of road delays and give us alternate routes! 

One of my favorite sites....Shawn driving!  I must of needed a break, my knee was probably bothering me.  I thought about getting a cortisone injection before we left, but since my knee wasn't bothering me, I figured I didn't need one.  Now I wish I would have!  Driving on those auto tours and in the mountains was killer on my right knee cause your foot is constantly on the brake!

Traffic and wrecks!  There was alot of both!

If you are ever in Knoxville, I highly recommend Brazeiros.  It's a Brazillian steakhouse and it's definitely yummy!  This was our second time eating here and it definitely disappoint!

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