Sunday, October 27, 2013

Another Gatlinburg vacation under our belts!

Our fall vacation to Gatlinburg has come and gone.  We had another great time this year!  The weather was perfect - it didn't rain at all this time, and was sunny almost each day.  The beginning of the week had some warmer temps and by the end of the week, it was freezing outside, so I'm glad I brought coats, jackets, gloves and scarves with us!  We didn't encounter hardly any traffic all week and there was never more than a 15 minute wait for us at restaurants.  Our motel room was cozy and comfy.  And the rental car was sweet to drive!

We were somewhat bummed that there wasn't much leaf color when we got there, but within just a couple days, the leaves started changing and was full of color!  What a blessing!

We were also bummed that we didn't see any bears in the wild and had to pay to see them again :(  Maybe next time!

And my favorite part, driving up towards the mountains and seeing snow on the mountain tops!  I've always wanted to go to Gatlinburg when it's snowing there.  I got a little bit of that wish on Friday!

**Updated** One thing I completely forgot about, and should probably be my favorite thing, is the fact that the national government ended the shutdown after two weeks, thus opening up the Great Smoky Mountains National Park right before our trip started!  What a blessing!
I'll blog about each days adventures separately, but for now, I'm including my favorites pictures from our trip!!

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