Sunday, October 20, 2013

Fun at the Pumpkin Patch!

Mom, Gavin, and I went to Trunnell's Farm Market in Utica, Kentucky yesterday.  It was about an hour drive from our house.  It would of been closer if the blue bridge would of been open, but we had to drive over to Henderson to get to Owensboro on the Audubon.  We had a great time despite the chilly weather.  However it is fall time and I am loving it!!
I had heard about the farm market earlier in the year on FB and had been wanting to take Gavin for a while.  This weekend worked out good cause Nan was able to go with us.  It was kind of expensive to get in, but we had a great time!  The cost for me and mom was $9 and included everything except the horse rides and the gem mining.  I paid $12.95 for Gavin and it included the gem mining kit and a duck for the duck races.  Both admissions included unlimited wagon rides and trips to the pumpkin patch.  You also had to pay for the pumpkins you picked out at the patch.  We also ended up getting apple cider slushes and then I had a cheeseburger and chili.  Mom and I also got 'hot maple toddies'...scented tarts for our candle warmers.
There was a lot to do and see!  At first I wasn't so sure about it, but we ended up having a great time!!  In addition to all the fun stuff we did, they had a musical group Heath & Molly performing and they did a great job!  There was also a bonfire going where you could roast marshmellows and make smores!
First up, the peddle tractors.  They had tractors for lil' farmers, medium farmers, and big kid farmers.  The big kid farmers peddle tractors were actually in a different area....way down the big hill, so we didn't go to those.  However I'm sure we would of loved them if we would of!  Aunt Stace attempted to take the medium farmer tractor for a spin but it had a flat tire or tires.  Not good chubby girl! ;)

Gavin played with these water pumps to race his ducks forever!  We cheered his duck on numerous times, but it never made it very far!

Earlier this fall when Beth and I took our road trip, they had a gem mining area and Gavin wanted to do it.  I paid the extra for him too do it today.  It's wet and messy and I don't think he quite got the hang of it.  Nan liked the bag of gems he "found" tho!

The Korny Krib!  Gavin could of spent forever in there playing, and he did a few different times!

But his favorite part....the big white slide!!  We all walked over near it and was looking around at everything and I had asked Gavin if he wanted to go look at it and when I turned around he was gone.  I thought, oh my gosh, where has this kid gone!  I was scanning the area looking for him, mom went back up to the korn krib area and couldn't find it.  I happened to glance down to the bottom of the slide and there was Gavin, starting the trek up the hill!  Guess he was testing it out for us first!  LOL!!  I asked him if it was fun and he said "oh yeah!"  And preceded to go down it about a dozen more times!  I wanted to go down it myself, but the walk up the hill looked killer!  Mom said it was; she went down it once with Gavin!  LOL!!  She said she wanted to do it again, but didn't want to walk up the hill!

Mom and Gavin played in the bouncing ball area for a little bit before heading to the tractor ride to the pumpkin patch!

This was probably my favorite part!  I've never been on a wagon ride to a pumpkin patch before!  It was fun and then fun to get out and run around looking for a pumpkin!

Gavin picked up quite a few pumpkins before settling on this one!

Aunt Stace could of spent all day here looking at the fun pumpkins!  Next year I'm going back and getting all of my pumpkins here!  I ended up getting a smaller pumpkin with a big fun stem and then a way fun white and orange tall pumpkin (kind of like the one in the bottom left corner of the picture below).

See ya next year Trunnell's!

Oh and Gavin said he's almost 4 ounces tall!  I said bubby, you're almost 4 FEET tall!

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