Friday, September 27, 2013

Holmes Bend in the sand!

One of the things we did ever year when we went to Kentucky was visit Holmes Bend.  Either to visit my dad's brother's houseboat and hang out, or after Uncle Jimmy's passing, we would visit here to see my dad's nephew David that worked here and tour a couple new houseboats. Or the couple times that my cousin Sissy and I put the boat in the water that was an adventure!
 It was always a fun place to go.  I remember we always had fun here no matter what the visit.  As kids, we loved to come to the beach and play in the sand and water and on the playground.  We loved running up and down the docks.  We loved going into the store and getting burgers and fries and ice cream and slushies.  We loved running around and playing on the houseboat.  We loved it when Uncle Jimmy would take the houseboat into the water. We loved playing with cousins and hanging out with family.  Some of my best childhood memories are here.
The day we visited here last weekend, the weather was perfect.  Beth and Gavin cuffed their pants and put their piggies in the water.  Gavin loved playing in the sand  He loves sand!  He said "next time, I am bringing my snow shovel!"  I had a blanket in my trunk so Beth and I put I on the ground somewhat under a shady tree and just enjoyed sitting there watching him play. 


In the picture below, he said "look at me kicking with my hind leg!"  LOL!!  He must of got that idea from Rebeldog! 

After playing in the sand and cleaning all the sand off, we ventured to the marina and went inside the store/eating area.  It all looked the same and smelled the same.  It all brought back such memories!

Uncle Jimmy had his houseboat docked just down past the houseboat in the middle. 
I'm not sure when, but one of these days, we'll return here and rent a houseboat!  It'll be so much fun!
A couple old photos I found when planning this trip for memory lane...

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