Wednesday, September 11, 2013

First Day of School = Success

From what I have gathered, Gavin's first day of school was a huge success!!  Mom and I went over to Beth's tonight for a first day of school supper and to talk to Gavin about school and what all he did.

He loved riding the bus and got to sit in the seat by himself.
He didn't get to brush his teeth at school cause they didn't have all their stuff.
He got to pour his own milk at lunch today.
He ate one green bean.
He sat in the green square on the circle rug today.
He didn't get to play in the sand box cause there was only two necklaces and other kids had them.
He doesn't have a girlfriend in his class.
He used the little kids potty.
He helped pick up toys when the music started.
He's super excited about going back tomorrow.
He got to play with paints and painted a rainbow.
He didn't get to play with the playdoh.

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