Monday, September 30, 2013

Congrats to the new Mr. & Mrs. Lee Layton

On Friday, Shawn and I drove over to St. Genevieve, Missouri and attended the wedding of our friend's Lee & Kat at the Chaumette Vineyards & Winery.  We know Lee & Kat from Cobblestone Lodge and were blessed to be with them and their family celebrating their marriage!
We didn't leave as early as I had wanted, mainly because I didn't get up and get moving as early as I should of!  I had googled the vineyard before we left and knew I wanted to get there early so I could take some pictures from around the property.  :(  The wedding was at 6:30 and we pulled in a few minutes after 6, so that didn't leave me any time for pictures.  And it was dark after the wedding. 
Lee & Kat got married in this cute little chapel on the vineyard property.

This picture was taken on the steps of the chapel just moments before the wedding started.  You can tell just from this one picture how amazing the views were!

The reception was at the barn on the vineyard property. 

Shirley and her boyfriend Paul...we know Shirley from Cobblestone.  She helps out and runs some of the activities and games we play while there.

Once we left the wedding, we had an hour drive to our hotel in Jackson/Cape Girardeau where I had booked us a room.  The GPS is set to take us the fastest route, and I guess traveling on gravel roads at 11:00 p.m. at night is the fastest route.  I think Shawn and I were both a bit freaked out, but after about 30 minutes of traveling them, we finally made it to black top road and then shortly after to the interstate. 

And on the way there, Shawn's work phone was ringing non stop which resulted in having to make multiple calls to get sales/customer problems taken care of which resulted in one crappy me!  I know that he a salesman and that those phone calls are our income, but sometimes it really gets to me and aggravates me to no end!  We also encountered a bridge out which cause a little detour in our plans too.   Despite the few problems, we had a great time and I'm so glad we went!

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