Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Rockport Christmas Parade 2012

Saturday was the annual Rockport Christmas Parade.  I love going to parades and I love being in parades (we were in the Boonville Christmas Parade on Sunday).  The weather on the day of the parade was amazing!  It's the beginning of December and the temps were in the 60's and sunny!  We ran into good friends and family while we were there! 
Normally we stand in front of the courthouse, only because after the parade I like to go to the craft show.  This year someone told us they were changing the parade route and it was going a different direction, so we decided to change our standing location.  If it went the new direction, we would be at the end of the parade and run the risk of not getting any candy, and we can't have that!  So this year, we stood in front of the funeral home.  Guess what?  They didn't change the direction of the parade!  Actually though, I liked our new spot.  I stood up on a hill and was able to see the parade a whole lot better (didn't have people or kids in my way) and was able to take better pictures.

This is Kayla...we share the same birthday and we always call each other "birthday girl".

There was LOTS of people lined up for the parade this year.  I don't think I ever remember seeing so many people out for the parade.  Not sure if it's just the new location we were out or because the weather was so nice. 

No parade is complete without a candy fight!

Not only was I excited for the parade because of the great crowd turnout, I was excited to see more floats actually decorated up instead of just a sign or two on it. 

I still don't know if he was intentionally dragging this tree, or if it was an accident!

This is my friend Robyn!  Next year, you'll see me with my head sticking out the window throwing candy!

This float brought back memories!  When we were much younger, we rode in the Brownies/Girl Scouts float and were dressed as Christmas presents.  The funny thing is I was just thinking about that the other day and here comes a float with the Christmas presents!
My fave part of the parade!  The Hadi Funsters!  Gavin remembered them from the circus.  After they went by, he asked his mom "where is the rest of the circus?"

Poor Shawn, those girls are too chubby to pick up their own candy so they are making Shawn do it!

My cousin Braidon (passenger) and his Uncle in the side-by-side

My friend Matt and his family in his supped up ride!

My friend Emily and her daughter Jayce "spreading" that Christmas "joy"!

And of course the Big Guy Himself....SANTA CLAUS!!

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