Sunday, December 9, 2012

Our Christmas Cards

Sending and receiving Christmas cards is one of my favorite things to do at the holidays!  I always remember helping my momma fill out Christmas cards from her address book and then when we received them, we always taped them to the back of the front door.  I still do this!  I also stalk the mailbox the entire month of December looking for Christmas cards!  

This year, I ordered our Christmas cards from American Greetings online.  I had already had them picked out from Walmart and ready to print, but a few days ago at work I was looking online at AG for a background for my computer and saw that they had Christmas photo cards for 70% off and if you had them print your return address and the recipients addresses on them, they would include the postage on each card.  For real??  What a deal!  I spent 40 minutes on the phone with a customer service rep trying to get all the fine print and find out if that was really how it worked.  Sure enough it was.  I uploaded all of my addresses from my Christmas card address book (half of them I had to do twice cause the first time it didn't save for some reason).  Yeah, that was a bit time consuming, but so is hand addressing each one and I didn't get writer's cramps this way!  The total cost before the discount was $225, but after discount and including the postage was less than $65.  I normally spend that much alone in postage and that's not even including the $40 I normally spend on the cards.  

I had been stalking the mailbox all week waiting for my cards to arrive.  I was curious of the quality and all that.  Last night when we got home, my package was on the porch!  I was like a kid at Christmas opening it. When I saw how fun it was, I had to take step-by-step photos of it all!  They even had all of the cards inside the envelopes and the postage stamps put on the envelopes.  All I have to do is seal them up and thank goodness for my water bottle sealers!  LOL!

Overall I'm very pleased with them and will definitely use them again if they offer this deal.  I did have two complaints though, I wish they would of used Christmas stamps for the postage (although I shouldn't be too picky, the postage was FREE!), and I ordered 15 extra cards and they didn't send me the envelopes for them so I have an email into them regarding this.

Hopefully no one will be disappointed that our dogs aren't on the cards again this year :(  Maybe next year!

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