Thursday, December 27, 2012

Merry Christmas 2012

Merry Christmas!!!

Or as Gavin says it "Merry Hismas"

This year we had Christmas at our house again.  I had told Beth as soon as they got here that Gavin could have his stocking and I'm sure she told him that because as soon as he came in, he wanted it.  Anything for my sweet little nephew :)  I had that stocking packed full of stuff...there was all kinds of candy, tattoos, sticker books, bath paints, an ornament, silly straw glasses, and much more!

After eating, we opened presents.  Gavin was the main recipient of gifts this year, we also got everyone that came over a small gift.  We didn't receive anything this year from anyone, nor did Shawn and I exchange gifts.  We usually just buy what we want when we want it.  

We bought Gavin lots of smaller gifts this year.  He got a bunch of shirts and socks, a stuffed puppy dog, a box of 650 pieces of Legos, 3 monster trucks (plus Uncle Shawn has us tickets to the Monster Trucks Jam in January), a movie, a Break the Ice game, a Don't Spill the Beans game, and a cute little puppy dog hat.  I think that was all, but I could be wrong

Our guest for Christmas this year was us, mom, Beth, Tommy, Gavin, and Billy, my uncle Dave and my uncle Popeye.  My mom's friend Alice was supposed to come by, but wasn't able to.  We got mom some Tastefully Simple products she wanted and a big can of Mt. Dew, Beth got some new green house slippers like a pair I just got, Tommy got a gift pack of summer sausage, crackers and mustard, Billy got a gift pack of hot sauces, we got uncle Dave a box of chocolates, uncle Popeye got a fuzzy blanket, and then we got Alice a fuzzy blanket and some ear muffs.

We had LOTS, and I mean LOTS, of yummy food!  I made the famous wing dip, veggie pizza, veggies with dip, strawberry punch, peppermint candy, dipped pretzels and fudge.  Beth made little spiral pinwheels and meatballs.  Uncle Dave brought dirt cake, a jelly roll, and some deer sausage and smoked butt.  Mom made pecan pie, oatmeal pie, apple crisp, and a cheese ball.  We had so much leftovers!

After eating and opening presents, we spent the rest of the evening playing with toys and watching Duck Dynasty!  And Hey, that's a fact Jack!

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