Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Yellow Creek Park {Beware...picture overload! Hee!}

On Friday, I took a half day vacation, Shawn was already off, and mom had Gavin, so I thought it would be fun to pick everyone up, have lunch at Angelo's in Rockport, and then head to Owensboro to Yellow Creek Park to walk on the trails, give Gavin and mom's dog Sassy a chance to run around freely, and to try and do a little photo shoot of Gavin for fall pictures.  I had been out at Yellow Creek the weekend before doing pictures and I was eager to go back there to walk the trails again.  The weather was perfect - it was sunny, not to cold, not to hot, and just a little breeze.  We did some posed pictures with Gavin and then we set off on the trails.  I didn't intend for us to walk the entire trail, but we did.  The map says it's two miles long, so I know Gavin's little legs were wore out when we were done.  After we left Yellow Creek, we took mom, Sassy and Gavin home and then Shawn and I went back to Owensboro to eat dinner at Cheddars and do some shopping before heading home ourselves. 

The Posed Pictures

The Rest of the Pictures

Gavin brought his binoculars to look for squirrel and his little gun to shoot deer.  Thankfully the gun got left in the car ;)

Uncle Shawn ran up that hill to see what was at the top; little Gavin wanted to tag along.

Aunt CeCe helping Gavin climb up the big rock steps.  Apparently his walking stick wasn't much help to him.  I sure wish I would of had my walking stick from our Gatlinburg trip with us!

Me and Mom's Sassy Hose!

I'm not sure what Gavin was telling them in this picture, but I can tell it was good by the expressions on Shawn and Mom's face.  Hee!

Gavin gave this park and today's adventures "TWO THUMBS UP!"

And I wanted pictures of Gavin playing in the leaves, but he wasn't having it so Mom did.  This tree was really neat.  I googled it and found out it is a Ginkgo tree.  I've been on the lookout for one every since!

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Perri said...

Those are great pictures. I've never heard of that park. Looks like it is beautiful.