Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Jessee Reunion 2011

Last Saturday was the Jessee Reunion down in Morgantown, Kentucky at the Charles Black City Park.  Kimberly and Jessica live in the area and it's midway between the Indiana Jessee's and the rest of the Kentucky Jessee's so we have been meeting here.  It's a nice park with nice facilities so we are going to continue having the reunion here.  It's always great to see everyone cause this really is the only time of year we see them.  And it shouldn't be because we really don't live that far away from them.

Mom and Gavin went with Shawn and I this year.  Beth and Tommy had a wedding to go to.  We brought deviled eggs, cornbread salad, and chocolate cupcakes.  There was lots of yummy food to eat!  We also sang karaoke, listened to Greg, Trisha, and Jessica play the guitar, and then some people played corn hole. 

Those in attendance this year were:

Me, Shawn, Mom, and Gavin
Sissy, Bradley, Jessica, Kimberly and Elijah
Alice and Sarah
Greg and Lyndell
Trisha, Lee, Elvis and Hannah
Joe, his wife and Jordan
Daryl and his son
Billy Herb

Right before everyone left, well almost everyone, Greg and Lyndell escaped before I realized it, we did a group picture.  That was alot of fun and I got some crazy things trying to get one good picture.  LOL!!

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