Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Boo in Boonville 2011

For Halloween again this year, Shawn and I passed out candy at the WOW! booth at Boo in Boonville.  We did this last year and had so much fun.  It's basically one long line of people walking around the square collecting candy.  I'm not sure how much candy everyone else passes out, but we went through 20+ large bags of candy.  Shawn does more of the passing out of candy, and I keep the table stocked and take pictures of trick or treaters.  I take pictures of a variety of the costumes, but for some reason, I love editing the scary/gory costumes the best!?! 

Here is our stash of candy!  Can you believe we went through every bit of it, except for the box of gumballs (because they are for a gumball machine and aren't individually wrapped) and just a handful of candy!

There was LOTS of yummy candy and we had quite a few requests for what we gave them. 
A line of people waiting to go around the square to collect candy.

My FAVE trick-or-treater of the evening....Spiderman aka Gavin! 
Me being silly before we packed up for the evening.  That little bit of candy left on the table was all that was left.

I do NOT like this picture of us, but it's all that was taken of the two of us that night :(

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