Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Picnic/trails at Audubon with Shawnie

One day I was looking around at some different websites of the area and was on the Audubon Park website.  I found a picture of a really fun little wooden bridge/walking plank and it said it was on the Wilderness trail which went around the lake.  I've been out there many times by the lake and have never seen that wooden bridge.  Upon further investigation on their website, I discovered that there is a second lake at Audubon Park that is only accessible via some trails.  Every since then, I have been itching to find it.  I've also been wanting to have a picnic lunch out there.  This past Sunday, we didn't have evening church and it was the perfect opportunity for Shawn and I to find it that little wooden bridge and to have that picnic lunch.

After church, we went to KFC in Henderson and got a couple chicken dinners and then went to Audubon Park.  We had to drive around for a bit to find an empty picnic table.  We finally did and enjoyed our lunch.  After eating, we used the restrooms and then set off on our "little walk".  Needless to say it was more than a walk.  LOL!!  We ended up being gone for over an hour and a half and probably walked about 3 miles.  We had a great time, it was just a bit more than I had imagined.  There were lots of hills, some paved, some little dirt paths, there was crazy steep steps, wooden bridges, earth made steps, etc.

We didn't experience any snakes in the woods so I was pleased with that.  On our way out of the woods, we did run into two deer, so that was a nice treat.  I had just told Shawn I wish we would of at least seen some deer.  And then I said I would of even settled for a snake.  As soon as I had said that, that's when we saw the deer.  I immediately said out loud, Lord, please don't show me a snake now!  LOL!!

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