Friday, November 4, 2011

Gavin's going to the Zoooooo

Shawn and I had been wanting to take Gavin back to the zoo for some time now.  The last time we took him, he was about 9 months old and all he could do was just sit in the stroller and look around.  We were excited to go back with him; for the fun for him and for the exercise for us.  Hee!!  The weather on the day we went was perfect; it was sunny with a little bit of breeze and not too warm, but not to chilly either.  Our zoo is nice; but we've been to other zoos that are nicer.  I would love for us to take him to the St. Louis Zoo.  I've been there once, but it's been quite a while ago.  My favorite thing to see at the zoos are the giraffes.  And then our favorite thing at the zoo on this day I would have to say would be the monkey exhibit.  Those monkeys were running around chasing each other, jumping around, and swinging on their ropes.  They actually drew quite the crowd in while we were there.  I also had my little point and shoot camera with me and gave it to Gavin to take pictures while we were there.  He took quite a few pictures and it was funny to see the zoo through his eyes. 

The giraffes were so close to us that day.  I tried to get Gavin to get closer and pet them and feed them leaves like the other kids were doing, but he wasn't having it.  And by the time we could finally talk him into feeding them, the giraffes walked away.

These next two pictures are pictures Gavin took :)

This otter exhibit was really neat.  This tunnel was built through the exhibit, so the otters were swimming around you while you were crawling through.  In the next picture you can see the otters sitting on top of the tunnel while Gavin is crawling through it.

During the month of October they have Boo at the Zoo in the evening time, so the zoo is all decorated for Halloween and stuff.  I tried to get Gavin to stand closer to the witch in the kettle so I could take a picture, but he wasn't having it. 

A volunteer with the zoo had this porcupine out so we could touch it.  It was really neat and felt like a plastic animal.  I had asked the volunteer if he could climb off the table, but he said no, he couldn't jump.  I tried to get Gavin to pet the porcupine, but he wasn't having it either.  LOL!

The turkey butt started doing this new thing the night before we went to the zoo.  I would try to take his picture and he would through his hands and arms up over his face and say the light was too bright in his eyes. 

Heading out of the zoo.  The sun was bright in his eyes too!

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