Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Holiday World Fun Day October 2011

On Sunday, I took Allesha and Alexandra, Gavin, and Zoe to Holiday World.  I had a few free tickets from work still, and I always enjoy going at the end of the season - the weather is cooler and there is hardly anyone there which means closer parking, shorter times in line, and less people.  We all had a good time and took turn riding rides so that we all could ride the ones we wanted.  I rode the swings for the first time at HW.  I've rode them before, but never at HW.  They were fun!!  I also took Gavin on the Turkey Whirl.  He had fun on the ride when it first started, but once the turkey started twirling, he was completely done.  He never cried, but he kept saying "done, done CeCe, done".  I took lots of pictures throughout the day and have posted a few of my favorites below.

This is Gavin and Zoe riding one of the new rides in the kiddie part of HW.  I believe it's called Rudolphs Roundup.  There is a lever between the steering wheels that causes each sleigh to go up and down.  Gavin kept moving it up and down really fast, thus causing their sleigh to go up and down really fast.  LOL!  It was hilarious and I wish I would of taken a video of it!

Gavin riding the seahorses.  I was nervous about this ride since I couldn't stand behind him and hold him on, but he did great and enjoyed riding it.

Allesha and Zoe on the scrambler!  This is one of my favorite rides and not once this year did I get a chance to ride it.  During the summer, the lines were too long for me!

Alex and Allesha on the swings!

Me and Allesha on the swings.  Alex took this picture and I think it's really neat.  I've been wanting to ride this ride all summer, but wasn't sure if I could get up in the swing, or even fit in the swing.  I did, but it was a tight squeeze...LOL!!  I can't wait to ride it again next year!

Me and Gavin on the Turkey Whirl.  I love this picture cause it's one of my favorite rides and you can see the excitement on his face.  Must of been before the turkey actually starting the whirling process!  LOL!!

Zoe, Gavin and Aunt CeCe!  Every year I take a photo of three of us together like this when we go.  I love looking at how we have all changed over the years!

Alex (in the green shirt at the top) and Allesha (in the pink jacket at the top) on the RoundHouse.  Another one of my favorite rides.  I rode it with Alex and when we got off the ride, I didn't feel so well.  Not sure why, but all of the rides that day made me a little queasy!

Zoe and Gavin on the Doggone Trail!

Alex, Allesha, Gavin, Zoe and me - right before we headed out of the park for the last time this year. 
See you next year Holiday World!

Alex, Allesha and me.  I love stopping in the gift shop at the end of the day and trying on the silly hats and sunglasses!

We've taken Gavin to HW numerous times and this is the first picture that has been taken of me and him in front of the Santa Claus statue.  Can you see his new pop gun he's holding?  Can you see the string he has wrapped around my finger?  LOL!!!  I love this little guy so much!  Don't worry bub, Aunt CeCe will buy you anything you ever want!

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