Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Blondie

Happy Birthday Allesha!  Allesha's birthday was October 7 and she turned 15;  she was 5 when I first met her.  She is turning in a beautiful young lady who has a heart for serving the Lord.  I'm so proud of the beautiful young woman she is!

When we were having our fundraiser at the Fiddler Fest a few weeks ago, there was a lady there that sold crotchet hats in all different kinds.  She had a monkey hat that Blonde wanted, however it was $17.  I was at Walmart a few days later and found a cuter monkey hat for much less.  I bought it for her for her birthday and she LOVES it.  I think I am going to go and get myself one for this winter! 

Opening up her card and gift that we got her.

Can you tell that she is uber-excited about that hat?  LOL!!

Editing of the hat :)

Me and the Blonde.  Even though she won't admit it, she does ♥ me!

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