Wednesday, October 12, 2011

12 Weeks of Pastor Appreciation: Weenie Roast

Last Saturday evening, we had a weenie roast for part of our Pastor Appreciation celebration.  It was supposed to be a combined scavenger hunt and weenie roast with people paying $5 a person to participate in the scavenger hunt and the funds raised going towards Pastor Appreciation.  I guess people didn't like the idea of paying, or they didn't have $5 so no one was signing up.  We decided to waive the fee and just have everyone come out and be a part of the celebration.  We also presented Bro. and Sis. Heard with their Week 6 gifts for Pastor Appreciation (you can find out about those in a separate post). Our turnout for the event still wasn't what we expected and no one wanted to do the scavenger hunt once we were there, so we just had the weenie roast.  We still have a great time and enjoyed the food and fellowship.  We roasted hot dogs and marshmellows over the fire and had chips and homemade apple cobbler for dessert.  Those that were there we Shawn and I, Angie, Garvin and the girls, Cheryl and Dewey, Bro. and Sis. Heard, Ron, Aaron, Mistie and the kids, Michelle and her kids, and then a coworker of Garvin's.  Lots of thanks to Garvin and Angie for opening up there new home to us! 

The Blonde one and myself :)

Mr. Sticky Hands :)  You couldn't keep this cutie out of the marshmellows!  For this picture, I had looked at him and he had two huge melted marshmellows, one in each hand, and was squeezing them together eating them and laughing.  I definitely had to have a picture of this.

Alex and the Marshmellow Boy :)

Garvin, Shawn, Pastor Heard, Dewey & Cheryl

Gabe roasting marshmellows over the fire.

George sporting his Halloween shirt

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