Friday, October 14, 2011

Fall Fest Fun

This past week was the West Side Nut Club's 80th Annual Fall Fest.  It is supposed to the 2nd largest street fair next to Mardi Gras in New Orleans.  I can believe it!  It's a week of nothing but eating, eating, and more eating.  LOL!!  They also have rides and games, but the best part is the eating.  There are over 130 food booths all lined up and down both sides of Franklin Street for blocks.  I went Wednesday night after work and got some supper before church.  I had a deep fried twinkie (in fact, I had one every time I was down there!  They are delish!), a huge pork tenderloin sandwich, and some german potato salad.  Friday evening I went after work and met up with Angie and the girls while Shawn worked at the Wish Upon a Star booth until 7:00 p.m.  That night I had chicken and dumplings, a deep fried twinkie, fried green beans with horseradish sauce, and apple cider.  Then Shawn and I went back Saturday morning for the pet parade.  I had chicken and dumplings, a stromboli, and a deep fried twinkie.  I got an ear of corn too, but didn't like it so I only had a bite or two of it before pitching it.

Normally Shawn and I go down Saturday evening for the main parade, but this year we didn't get too because of a prior church event.  So in place of that, we went Saturday morning to the pet parade.  It was cute and there was lots of kids and pets dressed up. 

This was Franklin Street at 9:30 Saturday morning.  I couldn't believe how many people were here already!

The pet parade at 10:00 Saturday morning and all the people already lined up and down Franklin Street eating!

A couple of cuties and their tiny weiner dog puppies in the pet parade.

A UPS Puppy :)

A cute bumble bee puppy!

The pictures below were "borrowed" from the West Side Nut Club's Facebook page.  I put them on here so you can see exactly what the Fall Fest is all about!  There was lots of carnival games and rides; however the games are expensive to play and the wait times and lines for the rides were ridiculously long!

I love these two night pictures I found.  It shows you just how big the festival is and how crowded it is.  The weather this year was perfect for it!  It was warm and no rain.  I remember years that you had to have an umbrella and be bundled up!

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Looks like a lot of fun! Love all the pictures!

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