Sunday, December 26, 2010

Magic Cares Magic & Variety Show

Shawn won tickets to the Magic Cares Magic & Variety Show at the Victory Theatre and it was put on by Vanderburgh County CASA.  You can learn more about CASA by visiting their website.  His tickets were in Row O, which was about 15 rows from the stage.  Our neighbors Phil and Rach had also won tickets and weren't able to go so we sat in their seats - 3rd row from the stage.  What great seats and what a blessing that we were able to use them!  The show was Sunday afternoon at 2:00 and since we had Gavin we took him with us and thought he would enjoy it.  We didn't have church that morning because the furnace was messed up so we had a relaxing morning at home before heading to the show.  I had never been to the Victory Theatre before and it was really nice.  We found a really close parking spot with a short walk to the Theatre and was able to walk right in and get right to our seats with no problem at all.  Gavin enjoyed the show for a bit and then kept pointing to the door to leave.  He never cried or had a fit (which he never does anyway) to leave, he just kept pointing to the door.  The show was around 2 hours long so he did GREAT for being confined in a very small area for that long.  We had his cup and some snacks to occupy him.  The show was really neat.  I thought it was going to be all magic, but it was also a variety show.  There were magicians, comedians, and a ventriloquist, and there was lots of laughs and lots of ohhs and ahhs. 

The gentleman on the left was seated next to us and got called up on stage.  It was funny!

This gentleman is Brandon Baggett.  His father is Don Baggett and they are both local magicians.  Brandon just got qualified to be on the next season of America's Got Talent.  Shawn and I both watch this show, so it will be really neat to see a local celebrity on the show. 

I love this picture and the next one of Gavin watching the show.  He was particularly interested in the dove that flew away during the show.  He saw where it landed way up above the stage and it stayed up there the entire show.  Gavin kept pointing up there telling me the bird was there.  He was also interested in the balloons they used.

This guy blew up this really HUGE balloon and then proceeded to get inside it!

This is the end of the show act.  All of the performers came back out on the stage for one last bow and made Santa appear!

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