Monday, December 6, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me :>)

On Friday, we celebrated my birthday.  Mom came over early and straightened up the house and made chicken and dumplings, homemade dressing, mashed potatoes, corn, and carrots.  I bought myself a birthday cake from Piece of Cake cause I LOVE their cakes so much.  Beth, Tommy, and Gavin, Steve and Christa, and Uncle Dave all came over to help me celebrate too.  I got a carpet cleaner from Shawn (I've been wanting one...LOL!), some holiday socks and a light up snowman from Gavin, and a Cracker Barrel gift card Steve and Christa.  Shawn also went out and bought us a Wii earlier in the day so we all had a good time playing that and just hanging out.  I can't believe I'm 35.  I don't feel like it, I don't think I act like it, and I'm pretty sure I don't look it.  LOL! 

Mom and Gavin

Uncle Dave tried to hold Gavin, but he wasn't having it.  He made this sad, pouty face and tried to get away, but Gavin quickly warmed up to Uncle Dave and before too long, Uncle Dave to a konk, konk!  LOL!

My yummy cake from Piece of Cake!

Gavin and I sword-fighting in the kitchen!

Two thumbs up to you Shawnie!

These two pictures are of Gavin opening up an early Christmas present.  I gave it to him to open up early, however Uncle Shawn said no.  So I gave Gavin the present to take to Uncle Shawn to put up, however Uncle Shawn gave in.  I knew he would!  He's a softy for Gavin!

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