Wednesday, September 2, 2009

TTC: I FINALLY got my trigger shot!

That shot has been up in my cabinet for the longest time it seems. Monday's estrogen blood draw showed that my estrogen levels were high enough to indicate a mature follicle, so I went back into Dr. G's office Monday evening and got my trigger shot. The purpose of the trigger shot is to make me ovulate. So starting that night and every other night this week, Shawn and I are supposed to "get it on". LOL!! If I start my period, I have to call the doctor's office and let them know and then with my next cycle, I'll start the injections again at a stronger dose. If I don't start my period by cycle day 35, then I am supposed to take a pregnancy test and call the doctor's office with the results. Lord, please heal my body from whatever is preventing me to get pregnant!

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