Friday, September 25, 2009

Happy Anniversary to Us:)

Today Shawn and I celebrated our 5-year anniversary.  I am so thankful for my husband and everything he means to me.  I couldn't imagine my life today with out him.  I love you pumpkin! 

We spent the entire morning and afternoon being completely lazy and doing nothing.  Then later in the afternoon we went to Boonvegas to the China Star for lunch.  I know, I know.  Of all places to go for an anniversary lunch/dinner, why there?  That place is yummy and they have the best crab rangoons.  After lunch, we headed back home to pick up the puppies and we went to get Shawn's hair cut, to visit our friends Mandy and Greg and their boys and their new "tiny puppies" and then to Petsmart to get Hershey's nails trimmed and to get Reese a new toy and some cat and dog food and cat litter.  After all that, we were completely exhuasted (probably from eating too much food at the China Star) and headed home.  Now I'm doing laundry and just relaxing before tomorrow.  Tomorrow we are going to the Evansville Zoo and taking Gavin with us.  Then tomorrow night we are going to Sandy's Pizza in Ft. Branch and Shawn's brother is going with us since his wife is out of town.  Tomorrow will be a long day as well, so I'll be looking forward to some much more needed rest Sunday afternoon between morning and evening church.

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