Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Meet Reese Cup aka Bella aka Dot

About 2 weeks ago, we went and visited Reese Cup at her current home (I'm behind on blogging). She's growing like a weed as you can tell from my last post about here. This Friday, she'll be 8 1/2 weeks old and I think we are going to bring her home with us. Hopefully she'll adjust well with us and more importantly Hershey Bell. Oh how I'm looking forward to housebreaking and crying nights. LOL!! And you'll notice her name has changed. The name her current owners gave her is Dot (which I really like) and then we changed it to Bella. However Shawn changed his mind and now wants to call her Reese Cup (I think it's because of HB's and her new bed!).

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~*~Tracey~*~ said...

Holy cow, she's a doll. I am soooo jealous!!!! BTW, good luck on all the baby making issues!!