Thursday, June 22, 2017

Jamaican Vacation Day 7, Monday, June 19

Today is our last full day in Jamaica and I want to take advantage of every possible second I can at the beach just relaxing!  I was so excited when I opened the curtains and saw those beautiful blue skies!  It's been cloudy and/or rainy almost the entire week, so I was thankful for some sunshine!

We got ready and headed for breakfast before heading to the beach.  Breakfast was at the Cassava Terrace buffet again.  

We had a nasty bird visitor to our table this morning!  

Excited to hear Donnovan at the beach on our last day!  

One of my fave pics from vacation!

Security, beach singers, hair braid sellers, purse guy!

A famous beef patty.  Well actually I think this one was chicken.  When I was planning this trip, I had read alot about these delicious beef patties that I had to try.  People talked about eating them every day and grabbing one on their way back to their room, etc.  In my mind though, I was thinking of a hamburger patty.  I saw these little turnover looking things in the spinner at the grill, but couldn't figure out what they were.  There was a handwritten sign above them that said Patties, no dot beef, red dot chicken. I couldn't figure out what the sign was actually saying or what the heck "no dot beef" was.  I got one one day and was sitting by the pool eating it.  I couldn't figure out what it was but that it was good.  It looked like it had some kind of green chili chicken inside it.  Heck for all I knew I was eating kangaroo.  Then I noticed a red dot on it, and figured it was weird that there was a dot on it.  Then a couple days later it dawned on me that those were the famous  patties and that the ones with the red dot were chicken and the ones with no dot were beef.  LOL!!

I drank alot of these this week!

Sandy toes...minus polish on one whole toe :/

There was quite a few cats roaming the property.  There was a couple younger kitties hanging out in the foliage by our room.

Towel animal today....I'm thinking a pig?

The only sunset we saw the whole week and we actually missed it!

Dinner in the Cassava Terrace and all of their food stations...

After dinner we enjoyed listening to Donnovan in the Piano Bar one last time!  I finally took money with me this time so I was able to leave him a tip and buy one of his CD's.

After that we went down to the Cassava Terrace to watch the evening entertainment for a little bit.

At 10:00 p.m, they had a Monday night beach party with a bonfire, live music, and a chocolate fountain and champagne.

We didn't stay long before heading back to our room to start packing.  We had to get up early to finish packing, and get ready to load the sad bus!

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