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Jamaican Vacation Day 4, Friday, June 16

Another somewhat early morning for us.  We had a snorkeling trip planned for 9:30 a.m. so we had to be down there at 9:15 a.m.  Thankfully for us, the water sports huts are just down the path from our room so we can leave last second.  I was only going along to be Shawn's picture taker.  I had no desire to snorkel.  I've tried putting those mouth things in and they gross me out.  Plus the fact that I don't want any critters touching me in the water.  We boated out about 15 minutes and then everyone snorkeled for about 30 minutes along a reef and then we boated back about 15 minutes.  Shawn said he had a great time and wanted to go again.  I told him I would go with him again and bring my better camera to take pictures while they snorkeled again, and he said he would use the water camera to take pictures too.  Shawn saw a sand sting ray, trumpeter fish, lots of other fish and plants.  

See how clear that water is in the picture below?  It's crazy!

A view of our resort from the ocean

When we were on the boat coming back, I spotted Donovan on the beach singing!  He's one of the beach singers that I was hoping to get to see on this trip.  Every since I started planning this trip, he was the one person I was hoping to see play along the beach!  Once the boat docked in the water and we unloaded, Shawn took our stuff and headed back to the room and I went down the beach to listen to him play and take pictures and videos of him.  Of course I felt bad because Shawn had the bag with our money in it so I didn't have any dollars to tip him.  But he said he was playing in the piano bar tonight from 8-9 p.m. so I knew we'd see him again.  I stood around and listened to him play 3 or 4 songs and then he moved on down the beach.  

I walked back to the room, barefoot, to get Shawn and gather our stuff for the beach for the day.  We didn't have breakfast this morning so we were hungry when we got back from the snorkel trip.  We went to the Cassava Terrace for lunch only they didn't open til 12:30 p.m. for lunch so we went to the veggie bar and got some things and then went into the grill to sit down and eat, and ordered more food.  I had heard great things about the veggie bar and it definitely didn't disappoint.  I got the plate with veggie sticks and sweet potato chips and it came with three different dips.  One was a pumpkin jalapeno dip, then a garlic dip and a third dip that I don't remember.  That plate of food was really good!  Shawn got a smoked marlin panini.  Inside the grill I ordered a hot dog with sauteed onions and a spicy corn jalapeno dip.  So good!  Shawn also got him a plate of nachos.  I assumed that was our lunch; Shawn assumed that was snack and that we were still eating lunch at the buffet.  #imabouttopukefromallthisfood 

After the snack/lunch, I was ready for the beach!  We got our towels, found chairs in the shade, got in the water, and then it started sprinkling.  I figured we were already wet we'd just stay in.  Then it started sprinkling more and the sky was looking seriously rough.  We were talking to some people I had met on the Couples Negril Facebook group.  I decided I was gonna get out of the water before it got too rough.  Wasn't but a second later and everyone was running for cover and the heavens opened up and dumped buckets of water....for the rest of the entire day! We took shelter inside the grill for a little bit and then when the rain lightened up a bit we made a run for the lunch buffet cause Shawn was determined to eat there. We ate our second lunch for the day and then went upstairs to the gift shops to look around and both got t-shirts.  They gave us an umbrella to use to get back to our room.  

These people took shelter in the hot tub under a float until a lightening strike and the power went out.  Then they got out!

I don't know what this bread was that I got from the bread station with my salad, but it was GOOD.  It was almost like a veggie cheese bread.  I'm hoping they have it again!

My drink of choice around the resort!  A half pina colada and a half strawberry daiquiri - all non-alcoholic of course!

We just hung out in the room and took naps until it was time to get ready for our dinner reservations at Otaheite.  Well I tried to nap.  I kept being woke up by Shawn trying to schedule his round of golf at Tryall.  There was so much confusion between him and the front desk.  I finally had to call the golf course for him to get that scheduled. And then had to call Joe Cool transportation to get him a driver there and back so that he can play golf Sunday at Tryall Golf Club.

We got ready for dinner and since it was still raining, we walked to dinner with umbrella's in hand to the restaurant.  Otaheite is the only restaurant at the resort that requires reservations and had a strict dress code.  Collard shirts, dress pants and closed toed shoes for the men, dresses, skirts, dress slacks, sandals for the ladies.  I had wanted to find a fun summer dress to wear while at the resort anyways, and found a really cute dress at Macy's when I was shopping and bought it to wear.  I'm not really a dress person and haven't worn a dress since before I started at the firm over 17 years ago!  

Shawn ordered crab cakes for an appetizer and I ordered a salad and they come around to your table and prepare the salad for you.

Shawn asked me how the salad was and I told him all two bites were good.  LOL!  They give you this big bowl for a really small salad.  I don't think I've ever been to any place that uses as much silverware and tableware as this resort!  And at this restaurant after every course, they took all of your plates and silverware away and brought new.  

Shawn had crab bisque with Parmesan stick.

I had the filet mignon with creamed spinach and au gratin potatoes

Shawn had some kind of weird seafood dish.

And for dessert I had an orange crepe suzette with coconut ice cream.

Shawn had the homemade cookies and cream ice cream.

After dinner we went to the piano bar to enjoy Donovan singing.

And since we had two lunches, we might as well have two dinners!  This restaurant is a grill during the day and then a sit down dinner at night.  And then around 11:00 p.m. it becomes a grill again until 5:00 a.m.  Well Shawn wanted a snack and the next thing we new were were seated in the restaurant with menus ordering food again.  They give you some pita bread.  Shawn had a leek soup and cheese ravioli.  I ordered a jerk sausage pizza and we wasted alot of that food!  It was good, but we were stuffed.

After that it was off to night-night land!

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