Monday, June 19, 2017

Jamaican Vacation Day 5, Saturday, June 17

Saturday consisted of another day of eating and doing nothing!  HAHA!!  We had room service again for the fresh warm banana bread and juices, and then a little bit later got ready for the beach and headed down to the Cassava Terrace for the breakfast buffet.  They have an omelet station and today's omelet was really good.  And their bacon is so yummy!  There is some food here that really, really good and others is just OK.  

I take pictures each day of the daily activities and have yet to participate in any of them.  I have good intentions, but time just gets away.  I wish I would of done the hat making class today.  I saw a girl's hat at the beach and it was super cute and would of made a great souvenir.  So lesson learned for next time - take the classes for souvenirs and save money buying the expensive junk ones from the blue tents.  They have also had water aerobics every day at 11:00 a.m. and I planned on taking that class each day to work off some of this food, and that has failed to happen too.

After breakfast it was another afternoon at the beach.  It was definitely cloudy today.  We spent our time laying under the trees and since it was cloudy I didn't put any sunscreen on.  We spent alot of time in the water today floating around and chatting with new people that we had met.  At one point, for about a 15 minutes the sun came out, and I got cooked in those 15 minutes!  Yowzers!  

Andre the cigarette guy.  He's so funny!  I love hearing him on the beach.  Ciiiigarettes, cigars, ciiigarettes, it's gonna be hot, hot, hot!

For lunch we headed back up to the Cassava Terrace for their lunch buffet again.  I'm drowning in a sea of food around this place.  

I gotta tell ya, I sample alot of their desserts and very few have been that good to finish.  I think these were black forest cake, coconut cream pudding, caramel cheesecake.  

Our towel art today, but I'm not sure what it is?

A picture of the catamaran we went on.

After we had had enough beach, I wanted to walk down to the blue tents to do some souvenir shopping.  As soon as we headed out the door, we got to the end of our resort and a big rain came upon us so we had to hunker down under a tree for a bit and then we made it back to our room.  There was a couple from England under the tree too so it was interesting talking to them and then watching Shawn try to understand what they were saying.  LOL!!

On the way to dinner tonight, we stopped in the game room to look around.  

These cigarettes were $8 a pack.  I'm curious as to how much the guys on the beach are selling them for.  

Before we left for dinner, I called the spa to book my services for Sunday morning while Shawn went golfing.  I had planned on getting a seaweed body wrap and a facial, however due to my recent burn situation, those services were not recommended and instead I signed up for an aloe vera body wrap, a scalp massage, and a reflexology massage. 

For dinner we ate at the Cassava Terrace buffet again.  At dinner its so dark in the place that you can't hardly see what's on your plate.... I had to pull this little stunt quite a few times!

For dinner this night was the regular buffet and then they had a pasta station set up and a chef was making pasta dishes.

After dinner we went to the piano bar again because Donovan was playing.  I just really enjoy listening to him sing.  And of course once again, we forgot to bring money to tip him and to get a CD.  But he said he's playing again Monday night so hopefully we'll remember.  I actually hope I encounter him on the beach one more time before we leave!

After he finished at 9;00 p.m., we headed back to our room.  We definitely aren't late night owls here.  Probably a combination of too much food and too much sun!

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