Friday, June 16, 2017

Jamaican Vacation Day 3, Thursday, June 15

Another day in paradise!

The day started early again for us.   Shawn went golfing at the Negril Hills Golf Club.  They have complimentary green fees for the resort, but you still have to tip the driver that takes you there and back, rent your cart, and tip the caddy, so it still cost a pretty penny.  Plus the cost to check-in the clubs at the airport there and then the check-in at the airport on the way home.  Shawn said the course was nice and he had a great time.  His caddy's name was Misty and she was very knowledgeable of the course.  Misty got a nice tip apparently too ;/

While Shawn golfed, I walked around the resort some taking pictures, took a little stroll along the beach, chatted with some other folks who were from Evansville, and then headed for breakfast.  After breakfast I went back to the room to change and then headed to the beach for the remainder of the day.  I either relaxed in my chair, or relaxed on my float in the water.  They have a section of the beach roped off and the water is calm for the most part so it's nice just laying there floating around and not having to worry about floating out to sea.

Sometime before we leave, I'd like to walk down the beach to these vendors to see what all they are selling and hopefully get some souvenirs to take home.  

Looking down the beach at another resort near ours.

The guy in this pic is Farmer Joe.  He's been trying to sell Shawn on a fishing trip all week.  $80 an hour, I don't think so.  Keep trying Farmer!

This resort is on the other side of us.  It's a massive resort and was just built and opened in the last month or so.  Alot of people from Couples aren't a fan of it because it took up the entire shoreline that once was trees and nature.  Now it's a big boxie looking building that everyone calls Alcatraz.

I also enjoy laying on the beach and watching the vendors go up and down yelling and selling their wares.  I finally saw the "herb" man!  If I see him again, I'm gonna ask for a picture.  I also saw Andre the cigarette man again, a guy selling Jamaican flags, ladies selling hair braiding, Farmer Joe selling fishing boat and parasailing rides, another "herb" type guy, the basket weaving guy, and a couple guys singing.  


When Shawn got back from golfing, we met for lunch at the Cassava Terrace buffet again.  I'm seriously dying with all of this food.  There is so much and it's so good.  And I have good intentions taking small portions but there is so much your plate fills up fast!  And then you are miserable.  And by the next meal, you do it all over again.  Today for lunch they had an Asian theme.

This place seriously has THE.BEST.PINEAPPLE ever!  It's so delicious and I've eaten a ton of it!  The watermelon not so great, but that pineapple.  Yummy!

And desserts.  Oh my!  Every meal there is a massive arrangement table of all kinds of things!  And everyday there is a new flavor of homemade ice cream too!

After lunch we went back to the room to relax a bit before going on the catamaran cruise at 4:00 p.m.  You met at the water sports shack and then lined up two by two to go out to the catamaran.  Of course there was a resort photographer there to take your picture with your beach hair and swimsuits on.  Yeah we'll buy those buddy!  LOL!  The steps getting on the boat definitely weren't as easy as I thought they would be.  And you were walking out in waste deep water trying not to get your towels and beach bags and such wet.  We found a seat on the back of the catamaran and off we went.  It was a sunset cruise, but there wasn't any sun when we were out.  It was still nice though.  They were serving drinks and playing music.  We cruised out to the caves near the Rockhouse Hotel and everyone could jump in the water and swim to the caves, and then go off the slide off the top of the boat.  Shawn went in the water and about drowned himself jumping in.  Everyone was saying that they water was seriously salty too!


I took this panoramic picture and must of caught Shawn in mid swim.  LOL!

There was a couple little native boys who would climb the cliffs and jump off for tips.  And then they would swim out to the boat to get tips.  There is a place near there called Rick's where alot of people do cliff diving that I wanted to go to, but we probably won't get a chance to go there, so it was neat to see the little kids do it. 

If you look directly in the middle of this picture, you can see the little boy climbing back up the cliff.

For dinner that night we went to the Cassava Terrace again for the Jamaican Fare buffet.  Have I mentioned that there is ALOT of food to be eaten at this place!  During dinner there was a show where a guy was using fire sticks and entertaining with them.

The jerk chicken is pretty good, but I'm loving their Jamaican Cole slaw and all of the different fruit compote's and chutney's they have in this place!

After dinner we got a couple drinks and sat in some comfy rocking chairs by the pool and then headed off to bed.  We have to get up early in the morning for a snorkeling trip.

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