Thursday, June 15, 2017

Jamaican Vacation - Day 2, Wednesday, June 14

Our first full day in Jamaican.  All we did the entire day was eat, beach, eat, beach, eat, pool, eat, eat, shower & eat again.  Oh goodness there is so much food.  Shawn's philosophy is let's eat it all it's free.  Mine is, it isn't free, we paid good money for that food!  HAHA!  

We started the morning off by trying the continental room service.  I had heard so much about their banana bread so definitely wanted to try it.  We also got the fruit plate and orange and pineapple juices.  Confirmation that the banana bread was good.  

After that meal, we got dressed in our suits for the day and headed for breakfast at the Cassava Terrace grill.  I could get used to having views like this for breakfast each day!

I tried the fresh coconut water drink.  Nah, it wasn't for me. 

They have daily activities from morning till night!  You can do as little or as much as you want!  In a way, I feel like I am at Cobblestone with all of the activities and food!

After breakfast we hit the beach for pretty much the remainder of the day.  We were camped out under some seagrape trees with partial sun.  The ocean water is so clear and calm.  It's so relaxing just floating around out there.  All of the chairs at the beach and the pool have a really nice float on them so you can float with it and use it as a cushion in your chair. I also loved having towel service.  It was nice not packing towels and when you are done with one you toss it in the bin and get a new one.  I was also a fan of the sand.  Everyone says its such white sand, but it's not to me, it's brown in color.  Florida has white sand.  However this sand is so easy to walk in and doesn't get hot like Florida sand.  I love me some Jamaican sand that's for sure!

Red flag beach service!  That's what I'm talking about.  You just stick your flag in the sand and an attendant comes over to take your drink order.  Shawn and I have tried all kinds of non-alcoholic fruit drinks - strawberry daiquiris, pina coladas, tropical fruit punch, mack daddy's.  


This guy is hilarious!  He's the cigarette man.  He walks up and down the beach yelling "Ciiiiigarettes, cigars, ciiiigarettes, they're hot, hot, hot mon!  Ciiiigarettes!"

For lunch, we went to the Cassava Terrace again.  It's a buffet of course.  The chicken fajitas were so good!  And I love their Jamaican cole slaw! 

And they have desserts galore!  See that little cup dessert on Shawn's plate.  He took one bite and about croaked!  It was a coconut creme dessert with coconut in the bottom.  Shawn despises coconut!


After lunch it was back to the beach for a while, and then we topped off the day by going to the pool for a bit too.

Daily towel art!

For dinner tonight we went to Lychee, an Asian restaurant.  It was really good, but I was so completely stuffed from lunch and got way to much sun that I just sat at the table in a daze!

I'm telling you I feel like I'm at Cobblestone with these little lighted paths we walk on to get from our room to the main part of the resort.

After dinner, we watched a bit of a magic show, Shawn partook in the casino games, and I sat on a big porch swing on the upper veranda and watched.  

And P. Diddy was the casino winner for the night with $2.1 billion dollars in funny money to use at the auction that night.  There really wasn't anything we wanted to bid on except a fan for my mom, and it was one of the last three items so they just gave those away.  Favor!  There is another auction before we go home so we'll see what we can do then.

After the auction was over, it was close to midnight and I was exhausted from the food and the sun of the day and ready for bed.  On our way to the room we pass by one of the grill's that is open until 5 a.m.  Guess who needed something to munch on....and it wasn't me.  Well I did get an ice cream cone.   

On our way to the room, this little guy crossed my path and I thought I was going to have a come apart!  It's dark and you can't see and I was doing a dance and yelling.  I finally got my phone light on and saw what it was!  

We are having a great time and can't wait to see what tomorrow has in store!

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