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PCB Vacay 2016: Wednesday was Lots of Fun!

While we are in PCB, one of the things I've been wanting to do was to go to a sea turtle nest excavation.  I found a FB group awhile back and it tells of all the sea turtle nests, when they were found, when the eggs were laid and expected to hatch, where the location of the nests where, and then when they excavate and what they find.  And according to their website, there was a few nests that were supposed to be excavated while we were here.

Well on our way out to breakfast at Thomas Donuts' this morning, I happened to check my FB and the sea turtle nest group shared a FB post about a sea turtle release that was taking place on this particular morning at 9:30 a.m.  I looked up the location and it was going to be just down about a block or two from Thomas' Donuts.  I told Shawn I wanted to go!!  I'll blog more about this in a separate post and link it here, since I took a ton of pictures!

So breakfast this morning was at Thomas Donuts'.  It was nice outside yet, so we opted to eat outside at the picnic tables.  Not a bad breakfast view huh?  We both had breakfast sandwiches, and then got a couple donuts too :)

After breakfast, we headed off to the sea turtle release.  You can read all about the Sea Turtle Release here.

After all that excitement, we drove to Gulf World Park to see if they had a smashed penny book for Gavin.  Score!  These books are hard to find!  I had to call a couple different places that had smashed penny machines and no place had them.  I had called Gulf World and was on hold forever and then the phone finally cut off on me.  I figured we would just stop by there and I'm glad we did.  It was the only place that had them!  It was one of the things he wanted me to bring him back, along with smashed pennies of course!

We spent some time out on the Pier too.  Once you start walking that pier, you forget how long it is!  And it was HOT on this day too!  By the time we were done and walking back to the car, I thought I was going to croak and just needed a drink and some air conditioning from the car!

Had to do a little Pokemoning for Gavin while at the Pier.  

After the pier, we had lunch at a place called Diego's Burrito Factory, where their slogan is "Let us roll you a fat one!"

And a fat one they rolled for Shawn!  HAHA!!  Their food was really good!  In fact, we ate lunch here later on in the week too!

After the morning's activities, we headed back to the condo and down to the beach and the pool for a few hours before it was time for our evening activities.  Shawn isn't a huge fan of the beach, so I'm pretty sure we spent equal time among the beach and pool to make us both happy.  

The evening activity today was going on a ride on the SeaScreamer with Lynn and Rick who we met here two years ago.  They were in PCB the same time we were so we met here and then went to dinner after wards.  

I love, love, love going on the SeaScreamer.  It's just alot of fun in general, and then seeing the dolphins makes it that much more fun.  Only on this trip, we hadn't seen any dolphins and I was getting completely bummed out.  Here I am always recommending how great this boat is and how awesome it is to see the dolphins and then watch them ride in the waves of the boat.  I never even thought about it being nature and there could be a chance you won't see dolphins.  

The boat was completely full today and knowing Shawn and I, we are always running late to everything.  So we 'might' have cut the line in with our friends to get the good bench seats at the back of the boat. :O)

Then it happened.  The dolphins were spotted!  See more pictures below of these amazing creatures!

After the fun on the SeaScreamer, we headed to dinner at J. Michael's, my favorite restaurant in PCB.  Shawn brought his fresh catch from the day before with him and had it for dinner.  I had the chicken pasta with a salad and garlic bread.  It was delicious as always!

And Shawn had his fish - blackened, grilled and fried, along with sides and hush puppies.  

After dinner, we said goodbye to Rick and Lynn who were headed back to their condo to pack for their drive home the next morning.  And Shawn and I headed to our favorite dessert place!!

Tonight's flavor of choice was the Miami Vice.  Never had it before, in fact, never heard of it before, but it was yummy, yummy, yummy!

I was still full from dinner so I got the kid's size scoop, which was still plenty of ice cream!

And I'm not sure what's Shawn's flavor of choice was, probably some kind of peanut butter/cookie dough.  I will say he smarted up when he started asking for his ice cream in a waffle cone.  They pack the cone with ice cream, and then put your single scoop on top.  Brilliant!

When we were on the SeaScreamer and was stopped in front of Pineapple Willy's to shoot the canon at them, I pulled up their web cam on my cell phone and took a screen shot of our boat in their web cam.  You can barely see it, it's just to the right of the top of the pier.

The below pictures were taken throughout the day with my camera.  I'm not sure why I've got all cell phone photos together and then regular pictures together, but trying to move them around on this blog is not easy, so that's why my pictures are out of order.  

Our walk to and out on the pier earlier in the day.

Views from the SeaScreamer.  Such a fun ride!

A tropical storm had come through a week or so earlier and there was lots of beach erosion as you can tell by these pictures.  

A big jelly fish in the water!

More beach erosion!  Just crazy!

This is the pier inside St. Andrew's park that I was at the day before taking pictures of.  This is also the pier that Shawn and I got our pictures taken at a few years ago.

And my favorite part of the SeaScreamer!  The dolphins riding in the waves of the boat!

I've got a pretty awesome video of the dolphins jumping and playing if I can figure out how to upload it to here!  Well I tried, but the video size is too big for the blog.  Well it's on my Facebook page too if you haven't seen it and want to watch it.

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