Monday, October 17, 2016

PCB Vacay 2016: Monday SHARK!!

Another spectacular morning out on the beach, and another rainbow over the ocean!  Views from the balcony and my little stroll along the water!

Like my left leg sunburn?  That's from Shawn hogging the umbrella to cover his chair!  LOL!!

We went out for breakfast this morning.  Heard there was lots of good places, so we ended up at the Donut Hole.  In my opinion, it was just all right.  Nothing spectacular.  We both had an omelet - mine was western and Shawn's was seafood, and both meals came with hash browns and toast.  We got some donuts from there before we left since we heard they had really good donuts.  On our way back, we also stopped at Thomas' Donuts and got, or tried to get, the exact same donuts so we could do a taste test comparison.  Thomas' Donuts won by a landslide!  Not that the Donut Hole's were bad, it's just that we liked Thomas' Donuts so much better!

After breakfast, we drove around a little bit.

We also stopped by St. Helen's Park since we had heard it was a nice little hidden gem.  Walked around a little bit.  Nice little park.  

When we got back to the condo, I was wanting to spend the rest of the afternoon out at the beach.  Shawn didn't want to, so I had to coerce him into joining me.  I made us sandwiches and backed them in the cooler along with chips and dips, and some snacks and drinks.  I got us all ready and then headed out on the balcony for one last look before heading down to the beach.

Oh my word!  A SHARK!  A freaking shark!  I couldn't believe it!  When I saw it, I thought to myself "that's an awful big fish swimming by itself".  Then I immediately knew what it was!  I yelled for Shawn to come out on the balcony and told him I thought I saw a shark in the water.  He came running!  He said, "yeah, yeah, that's a shark. Um, yeah, we aren't going down there today."  It was hilarious!  He said "we can go to the pool, but I'm not getting in that water".  We both couldn't believe we were seeing it.  We didn't know if we should wave our arms and yell down to the beach in hopes that people might here and see us.  I didn't know if you were supposed to call 911 and report it.  We were both just shocked! 

I still tried to talk Shawn into going to the ocean, but he said no way.  It's pool or nothing.  I settled on the pool with him.  The funny thing is, is that I've ALWAYS said that if I see a shark while we are in Florida, we are packing it up and heading back home cause I'm not getting back in the water!  And here I was ready to get back in.  HAHA!!

So no beach side for us today.  We were poolside for the rest of the day.  Which was still nice!  The Palazzo has a really nice pool which overlooks the ocean.  And it's never crowded so you practically have the entire pool to yourselves!

For dinner that night, Shawn was craving a steak so we went to Angelo's Steak Pit.  We'd been before and it was really good.  Their homemade ranch dressing was so good.  I could of taken a bath in that stuff!

After dinner, instead of returning to our favorite ice cream place, I wanted to go to the gelato shop that we had been to before on our last vacation to PCB.  It had changed locations and was inside of a restaurant/bar now.  Their selection was definitely not up to par and there was no flavors I was interested in.  We left there without any gelato, and made a stop at another ice cream shop on the way to the condo called Homemade Ice Cream.  It was good, but nothing like the Pink Pelican.  From now on, we are only going to the Pink Pelican!  LOL!!

After the sweet treat, we headed back to the condo for some shut eye!

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