Friday, October 14, 2016

PCB Vacay 2016: Sunday Funday!

As with most mornings, I spent it out on the balcony just enjoying the beautiful scenery and looking for critters in the water.  

On this particular morning I witnessed a rainbow over the ocean!  What a beautiful sight!  

Then I ran through the condo to the front balcony to see the other side.

Views from the front balcony

Our first full day in PCB and we are spending it on the beach.  We took a cooler and snacks for lunch and just relaxed in our chairs in the shade of the umbrella and frolicked in the water to cool off.  The weather this year in Florida is definitely hotter than it has been in past years during this time.

We obviously buy entirely too many snacks!  I tell Shawn every time we aren't getting all that junk, and somehow it always finds its way into the cart at Walmart - and it's both of our faults!

Our view from the beach chairs!  This is the life!  The only downfall to this picture is that because of the recent storms, there is some beach erosion.  You can't see it in the picture, but you have to step down a little sand hill to get to the water, so you can't really see the waves crashing into the shore.  

Tonight's dinner was at the Schooner's Lobster Fest (which is what our entire vacation is planned around!  LOL!!)  It's over at 6:00 p.m., so around 3:00 p.m. we ventured back up to the condo to get ready for dinner and headed out.  We found this place a couple years ago when we were in PCB, and well, we go back each year at the same time so Shawn can partake in the lobster goodness.  HAHA!!

I copied this from the Schooner's website that tells more about the Lobster Fest...

Schooners, The Last Local Beach Club, will host the 27th Annual Lobster Festival & Tournament September 12th-18th, 2016: the biggest 7-Day lobster festival in Florida. With huge Local Lobsters on the weigh-in scales, fresh lobster prepared every mouth-watering way you can imagine, and the 17th Annual Schooners Sand Sculpting Contest, it is a HUGE event that draws thousands of divers and lobster fans from all over the Southeast. Lobster Tournament divers will be competing in a variety of categories including Spiny Lobster, Shovelnose Lobster and Big 6.

The place is always packed and it's crazy trying to find a parking spot and a dining seat.  We lucked out with both this year!

 I'm not a seafood person so I always get their cheeseburger and fries, and then Shawn buys the $30 wristband out on the beach and enjoys all the lobster dishes he can.  

I found these pictures on the Schooner's website.  Looks like Shawn and I made more photos!
(We are over in the left corner with the glare)

I remembered they have live web cams at Schooners, so when Shawn went out to get his food, I had him walk in front of the cameras and wave to see if I could see him.  I did!  LOL!!  When we were leaving, I messaged my sister and told her to go to their website and watch the beach cam and Shawn and I stood in front of it and waved to Beth and Gavin.  LOL!!  

My friend Cyndy at work at told me about this ice cream shop called the Pink Pelican and how yummy their ice cream was.  Oh-Em-Gee she wasn't kidding!  Their ice cream was good!  And a single scoop is ginormous!  Sad to say, we stopped by there almost every night while we were in town!  On this night, I had the chocolate and strawberry, and Shawn had some huge cookie dough sundae.

After ice cream, we stopped to play putt-putt.  Goofy Golf was a really neat, but much older golf course.  Some great holes and interesting stuff.  The lady working was super nice and gave Shawn a coupon for a free round.  We went back later in the week to play the second course there.

And we ended the night shopping in souvenir shops.  We bought a couple t-shirts, and then I got Gavin a Christmas present.  No vacation is complete without a stop in a store or two!  

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