Friday, October 21, 2016

PCB Vacay 2016: Loggerhead Sea Turtle Release

On Wednesday we were on our way out the door for breakfast at Thomas' Donuts and I noticed on the PCB Turtle Watch Facebook page a link posted to a sea turtle release in the area at 9:30 a.m.  I read the article and looked up the location and realized it was only going to be about two blocks away from our breakfast location.

We drove by the spot to see where to park and how to get down to the beach, and then went back around 9:15 a.m.  There was already alot of people gathering at the release spot.  I was so excited to be witnessing this.  I had been planning on going to a sea turtle nest excavation while we were in PCB this week, but this release topped that.  Maybe next year :(

This little cutie made a sea turtle in the sand.

Here comes all of the volunteers to help with the release.

The girl was explaining about the loggerhead sea turtle named Chimmey and how it was captured by some fisherman  off the Bay County Pier.  He had a sharks hook in his rear flipper and hook fragments in his mouth.  He was nursed back to health in about a week and was released today.

The hooks they pulled from Chimmey.

Chimmey was brought in on this truck and then they carried him down to the water.

He wasn't so sure at first, but as soon as he started swimming, cheers and applause erupted from the crowd!  Such a neat experience to witness!

Could this water be anymore gorgeous?

I found the following pictures on the Gulf World Marine Institute Facebook page and they all have me and Shawn in them.  LOL!!  Not the most flattering pictures, but still neat nonetheless.

And this picture below is hilarious!!  In all the excitement of getting to the beach, you don't notice how many sand dune hills you went down, until it was time to climb back up them.  Ugh!  I thought I was going to croak!

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