Monday, August 11, 2014

Our First IUI

Last Friday at the doctor, my follicles weren't mature yet, so I had to continue taking the Follistim injections on Friday night and Saturday morning, and then Saturday night I had to get my HCG trigger shot to make me ovulate.  Wednesday and Thursday night when I had to start taking my Follistim injections in the thigh with the bigger needles instead of my stomach with the injection pen, I wasn't sure about doing it and went to my friend Heather's house and her sister, and my friend, Brandi came over and gave them to me.  Friday night I braved up and did it myself.  I can definitely say I prefer Nurse Brandi doing them.  HAHA!  After I filled the syringe and put the needle on, I turned it upside down and lost almost all the medicine and had to start over.  Thank goodness I bought the extra vial, just in case I had anymore mishaps! I also didn't stick myself hard enough in the thigh, so I had to do it again.  Yikes!  Saturday afternoon's injection went alot better!  Saturday evening I did have to go to Heather's and have Brandi come over and give me my trigger shot.  It had to go in my hip so I wasn't sure about doing that one myself.  

This morning Shawn and I had our doctor appointment for our very first, and hopefully only, IUI.  Once again another successful doctor appointment!  While I was excited to do this IUI, my biggest fear going into this appointment was whether or not they would be able to cath me to do the insemination.  We went to see Dr. Gentry almost two and a half years ago to do artificial insemination and at that time, Dr. G wanted to do a hysterosalpingogram on me to make sure my tubes weren't blocked.  At that procedure, because of the fibroid's and my tilted uterus, he wasn't able to cath me then and said that since he couldn't cath me then, he wouldn't be able to cath me to do the insemination.  Thus began the journey of "the surgery from h3ll" and another fibroid surgery.  

We had to be at the doctor's office at 8:30 this morning.  When we got there, there was three other couples in there, so needless to say, I knew we wouldn't get called back right away.  When we did get called back, we had to sign a consent form allowing them to inject Shawn's semen into me.  We were given a number that we needed to use to verify everything when the actual procedure took place.  Shawn went and collected his specimen, and then we left while they washed it and had to come back in an hour.  We went and had breakfast at Hardee's and then drove around the Evansville State Hospital grounds.

Once back at the doctor's office, there was more waiting in the lobby and then we were called back for the insemination.  You can't tell in the picture, but I have a serious nervous belly!  

The nurses came in and Shawn had to verify his number against a dozen different papers, tubes, etc.  The insemination itself was went quick and smooth.  The worst part was the nurses trying to put the speculum in.  She tried the longer metal one first just because my uterus is tilted and my cervix hard to get too.  When that didn't work, she used the shorter plastic one and that worked great.  She was able to get the cath in really quick and easy, so that was awesome in my book.  She injected the semen and that was it.  Quick and easy.  After the insemination, I had to lay with my hips tilted for 20 minutes and then Shawn and I were free to go. 

My view for the next 20 minutes!  HAHA!

 I did have some mild cramping and have had some cramping and aches in my abdomen most of the day.  I know it's because of the insemination and ovulating.  We got our homework instructions, Thursday I start using the Progesterone inserts, and then it's just a waiting game.

Insurance has paid for the ultrasounds and blood tests for the IUI, but not the actual IUI itself.  I learned at the check out that if we paid cash, it would be $40 cheaper than paying with a debit card, so I had to run down to the ATM and get some greenbacks!

I can't say enough how much we appreciate everyone's prayers, thoughts, phone calls, and texts during this trying time for us. The last 7 years of TTC has definitely taken a toll on the both of us, both mentally, physically, and financially.  I'm so thankful that God has provided for us, he's a miracle working God!

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