Monday, August 4, 2014

My First Blog Book....and I love it!

I've known about blog books for a while now and have uploaded mine to print a couple different times, however the price to print one always detours me from actually printing it.  A friend from Facebook posted the other day that she had printed some with Blog2Print and it intrigued me again.  This time I took the plunge!  I made it (after much trial and error), then decided I wasn't sure about it. Despite numerous reviews out there about the few companies that make blog books, I thought for sure I could find something better.  I couldn't, not without spending a HUGE amount of time making one.  I decided to print the one from Blog2Print.  Then I accidentally deleted it and had to start over!  No biggie, by this point I was a seasoned pro at making them! 

I decided to print 2013 first and thought if I liked it, then I'll go back and print 2007-2012.  My 2013 book is 400 pages!  No joke!  I blogged that much last year.  Shew, it was an active year for us apparently!!  The book cost $160.  I told Shawn that since I didn't really scrapbook anymore and because I don't really print pictures anymore, that I really wanted to print this book.  I went to order it, and then second guessed whether or not I really wanted to spend the money on it.  I googled reviews of it, and talked to a couple blog friends that have them, and I was reassured that if I did print it, I would love it.

So I took the plunge.  I found a coupon code online to make the book cheaper, but then ended up upgrading the shipping so I could get it faster.  I'm SO, SO, SO glad I did.  Words can not describe how much I love this book!  It's a book of memories, cherished moments, funny stories, sad times, happy times, lots of pictures, and so much more!  I can't wait to start printing my 2007 through 2012 blog books!

As soon as I got the email that my book was being shipped, I started tracking it.  I had it shipped to my work so that it wouldn't sit at home on the porch if I was raining on the day it would get delivered.  However I accidentally put in my home zip code with my work address.  So Saturday the book was at the wrong post office.  I called and asked them what would happen to it and she said it would get rerouted to the address on the package.  This morning I saw that it was back at the downtown post office.  Instead of waiting for it to come in tomorrow's mail, I busted down there on my lunch today and hoped it would be there.  As you can guess, it was.

The packaging was all in tact and inside the box was a beautiful hardback bound book.  All of the pages are numbered and have the title of my blog on them.  I got to choose a photo for the front and back cover.  There is a dedication page I got to personalize.  And then there are table of contents pages.  The pages are a nice, sturdy quality, and the pictures are all in color.  The shipping time was alot sooner than quoted.  And their customer service was excellent.  Every time I had questions, I started a chat and got my answer promptly.  The only thing I dislike, is that there is widows/orphans - meaning I couldn't control what all is on each page.  There might be a description of the picture at the bottom of one page and the picture that goes with that description at the top of the next.  

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