Friday, August 8, 2014

2nd Follicle U/S = Blessings!

Today's doctor appointment went SO.MUCH.BETTER than I could of ever dreamed off!!  So many times we've left that office with such disappointment!  But today, oh, be still my heart!

Remember back to Wednesday this week at my follicle u/s appointment, I had one 10mm follicle (it needed to be about 18mm in order to trigger) and my estrogen blood draw level was 111 (for every 100 you have one mature follicle).  I had to take two more days of Follistim injections (plus order another 300 unit vial in case I needed some more tonight....more on that later!), and I started taking them in my thigh instead of my stomach. By injecting them in the thigh muscle, the body absorbs it better the nurse told me.  THANKS SO MUCH to my friend Brandi who is a nurse and has been giving me those injections, and to my friend Heather for letting me use her house as a meeting point and not charging me a facility charge!  HAHA!!  I'm fine with using the small needle for the stomach, but that bigger needle in the thigh seriously has me concerned.

Fast forward to this mornings follicle u/s appointment.  Today I had THREE follicles!!  THREE!  Are you kidding me? I've never had THREE.  I've been lucky to have one!!  Their sizes were 10mm, 12mm, & 14mm.  The nurse said I was really responding to the medicine in the thigh!  Since they aren't mature just yet (they grow about 2mm a day), I have to take another Follistim injection tonight in my thigh and again tomorrow morning in the thigh (I *might* try to attempt these myself).  Tomorrow night between 8:30 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. I will have to get my trigger shot in my hip (I'll ovulate 24-36 hours after getting it, which is why it has to be administered at a specific time).  The nurse already has that medicine mixed up for me.  I'm definitely going to have to call on a nurse friend for that one though.  Shawn said he could do them.  I said no way Jose!  We also have our "homework" plan too!  Monday morning we go in at 8:30 a.m. to begin the actual artificial insemination (IUI) process.  PRAY PEOPLE PRAY!!

I also left with a prescription for Progesterone that I'll have to use for 2 weeks after the insemination so I've been calling insurance and pharmacies to see if my insurance covers it and and where to get it.  And three pharmacies later, I found one that has a supply of them so after work I'll go get that prescription filled.

Remember how I mentioned earlier I needed to order another vial of the Follistim medicine, just in case I needed it for another day or two.  I thought for sure I had some leftover, or even a new vial of it, at home in the cabinet from 2 years ago when we were doing the injections, but neither Shawn nor I could find it.  The drug company called on Wednesday to verify the order and collect payment...almost $300.  Well that night I was at home and I had a light bulb go off....why don't you look in the actual injection pen that you used for the injections.  Sure enough, there it was, and it had about 300 units of medicine in it still!  And guess expires this month so it is STILL good!  I thought, oh Shawn is going to kill me!!  He didn't thankfully!  HAHA!!  I called the drug company first thing yesterday morning to see if I could refuse the package and the unopened package of medicine be returned to them and get a refund for the $300, but she said it couldn't since it has to be refrigerated.  I reminded her that it actually doesn't need to be refrigerated, and that they say that and put it on ice so that it isn't getting contaminated sitting in a hot warehouse or a hot delivery truck.  She said they still couldn't accept it back.  Well I tried.  So I'll use the medicine that expires this month first, and then use the new vial if needed.