Saturday, August 2, 2014

Another Friday @ the Owensboro Riverfront

I took a half day vacation on Friday and hung out again at the Owensboro riverfront.  Twice that day actually.

I left work at noon and drove to Rockport to pick up my sister and Gavin.  We had been having exceptionally great weather this week so I thought it would be fun to go to Smothers Park, or as Gavin, well and us, calls it, the park under the blue bridge.  

We started off the afternoon with lunch at Angelo's in Rockport.  Yummy Stromboli's, mini sausage pizza, and their deliciously, yummy bread sticks with cheese and marinara sauce.  And of course Big Red fountain drinks!  And every time I'm there, I have to take a picture of the bread sticks, post it on Facebook, and just wait for all the comments from haters!  LOL!!

Next stop, the park off the blue bridge.  When I had the idea of playing there, I had planned on Gavin playing on the playground part, but he informed me that he was taking his goggles.  I guess he associated the park with the splash park!  LOL!!  Fine with me bubby!  Remember how I said we had been having great weather, well while it was still great, it was a tad bit warmer than it had been.  And that sun was hot!  LOL!  I wish I would of packed my swimsuit cause we would of headed to the pool instead.  It sure was warm outside!  Me and Tootie didn't stand a chance out there.  LOL!!  Gavin played in the water for a little bit, and then played on the playground for a few minutes and then we headed towards home!

I hadn't planned on us spending alot of time at the park anyways cause Gavin had VBS that night and I had plans with Shawn, the Robinson's, and the Lantrip's to go back to Owensboro for dinner and to go to the Friday After 5 event.  On the way back to take Beth and Gavin home, I remembered a friend from high school was having a yard sale, so we ran by her house to say hi.  I ended up buying 3 Vera Bradley purses, 2 Vera Bradley billfold's, another purse, and a 31 water bottle coozie that I'm going to use for one of my camera lenses.  It was like the yard sale motherload for me!  HAHA!

After I dropped Beth and Gavin off, I headed to the Robinson's, we picked up Zoe from her friend's house, and then we were on our way to Owensboro.  We met the Lantrip's at a pizza place down on the Owensboro riverfront called Fetta Specialty Pizza.  The Lantrip's got us a table out on the patio.  While it was still sunny and warm, we had a great time out there.  Our waitress and the staff were exceptionally friendly and kept checking on us.  We always had full drink glasses and never had to wait on a refill.  They even brought out a couple shade umbrellas and put them near some of the outside tables to block the sun. 

While I was extremely still full and hot from lunch and the sun, I didn't eat much, but what I did was pretty good.  I ordered a garden salad and a slice of white bean and sausage pizza.  I only ate a few bites of the salad and a bite or two of the pizza.  I tried a bite of Kristi's mashed potato pizza...nah.  And then a bite of Shawn's pulled pork was OK.  I definitely want to go back and try it again when I'm hungry.  LOL!!  

After dinner, we walked down to the Friday After 5 event area.  A group called After Midnight was playing 70's big hair band music on the main stage.  Of course the usual Friday entertainment was there too!  LOL! 


 I was super bummed that they didn't have the photo booth down there last night!  I wanted all of us to get in the booth for a crazy picture!!  Me, Heather, Kristi and the girls did manage to get in a photo frame picture, but it wasn't the same :(

A few more pictures from the evening. I so want to rent a boat and spend an evening on the river during the Friday After 5 event!

After the event, we all parted ways.  And the Robinson-mobile headed to Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt for a sweet treat before heading home!  Dairy Queen would of been better, but Shawn had to have his way ;)  HAHA!!  

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